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Tech: 6 Best VR Gadgets for Mobile Phones

The future has arrived. With top-rated VR gadgets for mobile phones, you can enjoy media in ways never before imagined. Whether you enjoy movies, amazing 3D games, of sharing your experiences with others, these innovative gadgets provide next-level enjoyment.

Samsung Gear 360 Virtual Reality Camera

Sleek, easy to hold, and capable of capturing amazing 360-degree views, the Samsung Gear 360 Virtual Reality Camera is smaller than some of its competitors. This compact VR camera is compatible with most of Samsung’s current Android and iOS mobile phones, although users will want to check the fine print to ensure that their devices are supported.

The latest version of the Samsung Gear 360 VR camera features an ergonomic body design and a pair of fisheye lenses for your choice of 360- or 180-degree imaging. Besides offering 4K video shooting resolution to a stunning 4096×2048, it has the ability to capture 15MP photos. It’s ideal for livestreaming, and it is surprisingly affordable given its ability to deliver astonishing views. It would be nice if the manufacturer offered compatibility with other smartphone brands; perhaps this is something they’ll consider in the future.

SteelSeries Stratus Wireless Controller for iPhone

Relatively tiny controller, SteelSeries Stratus, is considered to be one of the best controllers for iPhone. Sensitive buttons and analogue controls emulate the console feel quite the best. SteelSeries Stratus establishes wireless connection via Bluetooth, it is light-weight and affordable. According to reviews, this controller is the best choice for iPhone users when it comes to gaming.

Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset

While no VR headset is perfect, the Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset comes closer than most other entry-level units. Whether you choose the 64GB Oculus Go or the 32GB version, simply download the Oculus App to your phone, and then get started with games, social media, movies, and more. Smooth, sharp picture quality and 3D audio make it a pleasure to use. A headset jack allows you to plug into headphones if preferred, and the controller gets high marks for its ease of use.

This VR headset stands apart from many others thanks to its ability to provide an immersive experience without users plugging into PCs or dropping phones into the front. Additionally, users have the ability to stream video and download apps and games. Many downloadable apps and games work offline.

Pansonite VR with Remote Control

The Pansonite VR with Remote Control has been newly updated to allow for 120 degree viewing in HD, minus the dizziness that occurs with some VR headsets for smartphones. This inexpensive unit offers best-in-class features including a breathable, lightweight design with a comfortably padded nose support and built-in eye protection. Users have their choice of 4 AA batteries or a cord that plugs into a 110V wall outlet.

This unit is built with mobile gaming in mind, but works just as well for watching movies, sports, and more. Thanks to built-in stereo headphones with surround sound, it offers a truly immersive experience.

Adjustable focal and pupil distance functions make this VR mask suitable for most nearsighted and farsighted users, as well as for those with astigmatism.

A Bluetooth remote controller supports iOS and Android phones as well as PCs. It offers game mode as well as control mode for viewing movies, turning pages on ebooks, and more.

Merge VR/AR Goggles

While they are designed with the needs of kids and teens in mind, Merge VR/AR goggles feature adjustable straps to fit most people, even those who wear glasses. These VR goggles work with Android and iOS smartphones. The lightweight foam fits comfortably, and the headset works without a separate controller.

Merge VR/AR goggles work with the Merge miniverse portal, which is a membership program that provides full access to a suite of more than 300 apps, games, and immersive VR experiences. The goggles come in four different colors. They are affordable and user-friendly

Google Daydream View

The Google Daydream View VR Headset is a simple, affordable unit that’s designed to offer comfortable, lightweight wear. A sleek, minimalistic controller makes for fun, interactive experiences: Play sports, try your hand at driving a racecar, or take trips to faraway places. This VR headset offers compatibility with a growing library of games, and as you might expect, it harnesses all the power of Google. Visit famous landmarks on Google Earth’s streets view, get a front-row view of your favorite band playing, live, or simply explore.

Google’s Daydream View VR Headset is only compatible with Daydream-ready phones. Luckily, there are quite a few to choose from.

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