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Tech: Three Types Of Remixed Apps For Health, Fitness, And Sports

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Talking a look at the tech industry, you’ll probably notice that a lot of entrepreneurs are taking ideas from here and there, remodeling them and presenting them as something new. The bitter truth is that even the legendary Steve Jobs is guilty as charged – the example of the GUI from Xerox perhaps being the most well-known.

In reality, creativity is nothing but a mash up of existing ideas with new ones. Here are just a few examples of this type of remodeling when it comes to health, fitness, and sports apps:

Sharing photos to sharing fitness

Sharing is one of the most successful social elements that have transferred to the world of mobile apps. Applications like Instgram have just made the explosion even more dramatic.

People love sharing, be it images, personal updates or anything pertaining to real world activates. The health and fitness industries too have stepped into the arena with apps like RunKeeper and MapMyRun that let fitness freaks share the number of laps they run with their social graph. Users are also able to connect with others via the app to compare their data and work on their progress.

Messaging is the new talking                 

A lot has been said about social messaging apps like WhatsApp and Snapchat and of their presumed threat to Facebook. But companies are now beginning to create messaging apps for niche messaging.

Inplay brands itself as a ‘football fan only’ messaging app and has incorporated features that make it relevant just for fans of the game. The app lets fans engage in chats as themselves or using a persona, and has a unique ‘pass’ feature which allows them to share news updates in chat messages.

Getting Things Done

Also known as GTD, is an established field and has led to an abundance of productivity apps that help people to get their fitness goals and tasks accomplished through motivation.

MyDietCoach is a GTD app that helps people on a weight loss program set targets, keep a track on their progress and motivate them to achieve the targets they set. The app also allows users to set reminders and motivational images in order to prevent them from falling to cravings.

Given the innovations that are taking place in the smart app industry as well as fitness and health industry, the possibilities of remodeled social-into-fitness apps are endless. What kind of a fitness and health app would you like?

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