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Terrorism: ISIS Attacks Prophet Muhammad’s Mosque in Medina

The Khawarij group Daa’ish aka ISIS, attacked the holy and sacred Prophet Muhammad’s mosque in Medina.  A suicide bomber just injured four people while people were breaking their Ramadan fast and eating Iftar.  A young man whom witnesses described as 18 offered two security personnel food and then detonated a bomb.

The Prophet’s city and mosque is seen as the second holiest site of Islam behind only the Ka’ba in Makkah.  However, some scholars would argue that since the Prophet Muhammad is buried at this site, and that the Prophet is considered the best of all creation, that the Prophet’s mosque is actually the holiest site.  Either way this is an attack an Islam and seen by Muslims as ISIS declaring war on Islam.

If it has not been obvious to non-Muslims before, there should be no question now that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam.  It is very clear to Muslims and Arabs that ISIS has been created as a tool to wipe out Arab history and culture while giving Islam a bad name in the process.  This is not the only time that ISIS has been seen to attack Islam directly.

In 2013, Daa’ishies made the statement that they would conquer Makkah and kill anyone who kissed the Black Stone of the Ka’ba, saying that doing this makes people idolaters, even though the Prophet Muhammad himself kissed the stone.

Daa’ish has also been involved in the killing of Muslims scholars.  Anyone who is educated in the Islamic religion they view as a threat towards their view of Islam and so they kill them.  They have also called for the public assassinations of American Muslim leaders such as Congressman Keith Ellison, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, and Imam Suhaib Webb.  Anyone that can show that Americans can co-exist with Islam is seen as a threat to their Takfiri doctrine and they want them eliminated.

It is obvious that Daa’ish is not going away.  If they cannot even respect the sanctity of our beloved Prophet’s mosque and tomb, how can they respect anything?  The fourth Caliph Ali was right when he warned us about this Khawarij group, that they would wear black, have long hair, proclaim to be pious but their prayers would not go past their throat.  Ali referred to these people as, “The dogs of hell, the worst of creation”.

What can we do to stop them?  We need to be vigilante and to work with local authorities whenever we catch wind of a potential terrorist attack.  We need to use social media to our advantage. Daa’ish has a slick social media marketing campaign.  We must counter the falsehoods that they are spreading with the real teachings of Islam.  We cannot let their hate and falsehood define what Islam is.

Parents, be sure to instill in your children the real message of Islam.  Make sure that all the sources are credible.  Make sure you know who your children are talking to online.  If you see signs of radicalization, please go to your local imam in order to try and teach your child the right way.

ISIS aka Daa’ish has made it clear by their actions today that they are not real Muslims.  They will say that the royal family of Saudi is corrupt and run by munafiqs, or hypocrites.  It was the same tool used by the al-Saud family to displace the Ottomans and come with their strict form of Islam.  The Saudis are now seeing what they did to others coming back to haunt them.  By spreading this Takfiri version of Islam, where in essence it is their way or the highway, they have unleashed a monster to the world.  The only reason that the Saudis support this Takfiri form of Islam is because it is easier to control the people, and now they are the ones that are under attack.

Daa’ish will not stop until they get what they want, and that is subjugation of every part of the world that is currently Muslim, or has ever been Muslim, under their control. They know that by gaining this part of the world that many of the world’s resources will be in their hands allowing them to control other parts of the world.  They are destabilizing the region which will in turn allow for another entity to come in and take over.

If they are attacking Muslim holy site, making attacks in practices of the Prophet Muhammad, destabilizing the Arab region, destroying Arab history and culture, then who benefits?  Who is Daa’ish really working for?

Hopefully this attack will be a wakeup call to the Muslims world to let them know that they must unite and join forces to wipe out Daa’ish before Daa’ish leaves the region in flames.

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