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UFC 200: 4 thoughts on historic card

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UFC 200 took place on Saturday. It was an actioned packed card that had the sport’s fans on their feet for all the action. Despite Jon Jones being suspended from the event, it was still a successful night that saw many forget about Jones’ absence as each fight went on. Check out five thoughts from UFC 200.

Anderson Silva is the UFC 200 MVP

I know UFC does not give out MVP awards, but I am. The match with Daniel Cormier was one of the most talked about matches on the card for the wrong reasons. A quick recap is late Wednesday night, UFC announced Jon Jones was pulled from the match and they were pulling the match from the UFC 200 card.

There is a video surfacing on the internet of UFC President Dana White telling Daniel about his match getting pulled and you can see the distraught in his face. But the 41-year-old Anderson Silva came to the rescue and agreed to fight him with 48 hours notice. The match itself for a guy who had no training camp was done much better than I figured.

Two titles changed hand

Jose Aldo and Amanda Nunes became champions on the same night. First let’s look at Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar, who fought to the round limit and put on a good match. Many outlets were reporting that after Aldo won his match, he demanded he gets a rematch against Conner McGregor. I could see this be on the card for the UFC event at MSG in the fall. On the other side, Amanda Nunes fought Miesha Tate in the main event and it did not do well. Unlike the three matches prior to the main event that went to the point, this one only went one round as Amanda dominated Miesha. Coming from a Professional Wrestling fan, it is not good to have the belt changed hands so much and so quickly. Since Ronda Rousey lost her title at UFC 193 to Holly Holm, the bantamweight has changed hand at every event it has been defended on.

We saw 7 unanimous decisions

 All the matches on the FS1 prior to the main card so unanimous decisions. On the main card: Jose Aldo, Daniel Cormier, and Brock Lesnar all won by unanimous decisions. I understand why they were unanimous, while all the matches on the main card that were decided unanimously were great matches and could have gone either way. The guys who won deserved to win.

Brock Lesnar winning was huge for WWE

 I recently did an entire article on Brock Lesnar winning was important for his future booking in WWE. It will be interesting to see if WWE builds up on Brock Lesnar defeating Mark Hunt in the fashion he did. Plus, WWE got ad time as they did an ad for Summerslam. But this win was huge for Brock’s future booking in WWE.

Overall, pretty good card- I thought the main card was stacked well as you had a variety of fighters which brought various kinds of f fighting to the card. I thought the removal of Jon Jones actually did a lot of beneficial for this card because it brought more people’s attention to the card. I am curious to see what the buy rate was for this event. We should know within a few days how many people bought this PPV.


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