Beginner's Guide To The Kinds Of Golf Clubs

Whether you are a beginner who has just started playing golf or a seasoned pro, it is essential to plan ahead and choose the right kind of golf club before your next game. Remember that the right golf club can significantly improve your performance. The right selection has the power to change the way you play the game and help to overcome any obstacles in the path of your winning.

If you have recently started taking golf lessons in Fort Lauderdale and are looking for a basic golf club, this article is for you. With all the options available in the market, we understand that making the right choice can get a bit overwhelming, but don’t worry as we are here to help you out.

The driver style of the golf club is considered one of the basic and most useful golf clubs. Drivers are used off the tee on the long holes. The primary purpose behind using the driver is to hit the golf ball as far as you can. 

The biggest driver available in the market is 460 cubic centimeters. Most of these drivers are made of titanium and carbon composite, which makes them very light with a bigger head. 

Apart from the standard models, you can also get to choose amongst the ‘offset’, ‘draw’, and ‘neutral’ options. 

  • Woods – When you are thinking about purchasing woods, you should first know the purpose of buying them. To decide which wood golf club number you should buy, keep in mind the following points –
  • The loft increases with the golf club number
  • The club shaft length decreases with the golf club number

You can either choose to go with graphite woods (they reach a further distance) or steel woods (help in achieving lower and accurate ball flight). Just like the drivers, you would also get choices when it comes to the wood head design.

  • Irons – They have got similar numbers like woods and they make up for most of your golf set. The lower golf number offers lower flight. It means that the ball will travel further with it, but they are very tough to control. You should select the right iron according to your requirements –
  • Perimeter-weighted irons – They have greater weights around the perimeter of their heads. They are much easier to hit as well.
  • Offset & draw weighted irons – These are basically designed to keep your hands ahead of the balls and help counteract slicing.

You can choose between steel shafts (which are cheaper, more durable, and offer consistency of flex) and graphite shafts (which are lighter and absorb better vibration).

  • Wedges – These are crucial for posting good scores, and hence selecting the right wedge can dramatically improve your overall performance.0
  • Putters – One of the most important yet neglected clubs in the bag, putters can transform your game.

Remember, to first carefully understand your requirements and then take your pick, to maximize your learning experience and enjoy the game.

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