Shooting 4K Videos

Shooting 4K videos is a raging trend now. And why not? 

For when we talk about the quality, download a normal fireplace video and compare it with a 4K fireplace video download; you will easily understand the difference. 

Even ace photographers these days prefer shooting their videos in the 4K mode. 

Want to know why?

Then this article will tell you all about it.

More options

Shooting in 4K does not equate to working in 4K- for most of the projects, 1080p will be enough for you. One of the biggest benefits of shooting in 4K is that it offers quadrupled resolution which will allow you to zoom in on the video without getting pixelated. Shooting in 4K enables you to do better close-ups, and eliminates jump-cuts from your final product. Another benefit of 4K videos is that you can obtain quality images from your footage. They might not be of high resolution, but good enough to upload on the web as thumbnails for YouTube or an Instagram post.

Better image

4K shots will give you better images even if the end product is displayed in 1080p. By looking at the pictures, you can notice how sharp the 4K pictures are. As the cameras record 4K at a higher bitrate, there is a lesser chance of color banding. It means, your videos will capture more detailed colors and it will improve with the gradual changes. The cameras can also make a huge difference in this case. Modern cameras use larger lenses to shoot 4K videos, which dramatically improves the results.

Footage stabilization

To ensure that your footage looks good, the first thing you need to do is hold your camera still while shooting anything. Sometimes this is not possible and the axis stabilizers are highly pricey. Instead, you can use the software stabilizers which is an in-built feature present in most modern editors. Avoid the ones that offer stabilization by stretching the image.

Better storage

A big reason why most people avoid shifting to 4K videos is that they think that 4K comes with an increased storage demand. If you are shooting 4K videos on your phone, a simple trick is to not keep the videos for a long time there. Shift them to your hard drive or your computer. So, storage should never stop you from making high-quality videos that might help you to eventually make more money or get more involved in the production.

Working with hardware limitations

One reason why people often avoid making 4K videos is because of the editing limitations. But if you have upgraded your device recently, this should not be a problem at all! You need to choose the video editor carefully as it plays a critical role in shaping the final version. If you are a Mac user, you can get in-built video editing tools that are very effective. For Windows users, you have to spend some time researching the best video editing tool according to your needs and budget.

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