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Introduction: A dog is the symbol of love and faithfulness, and this is the reason why we all live our canine friend dearly. A recent survey in the US threw light on the fact that their people spend over 95 billion dollars on pets. It led to a surge in the revenue of the American pet industry. There are so many pet affiliate programs to reap a fortune through various affiliate programs for dogs through digital marketing channels. If you dream of promoting different dog products like treats, food, beds through digital platforms, take a quick look at the below-mentioned affiliate programs for furry pals.

Top 4 dog affiliate programs

  1. Chewy affiliate program: The exciting thing about being an affiliate marketer of chewy is that you can partner with their affiliate marketer- Partnerize and sell horses, fish, birds apart from canine products. They have an attractive as they give their partners $15 per sales. It is the days they take into account for you to earn a commission. Every new customer is a new opportunity for you to fetch a small revenue. If you have attractive content to push the product to the customers and can get cookies for the next 15 days. 
  2. Fit Bark Affiliate Program: Do you have the habit of tracking your daily activities to check whether you stay healthy? Just like that, the Fut Bark company sells GPS trackers for dog owners to constantly monitor their canine pet’s health. A change in your dog’s sleep pattern or a slight variation in their behavior indicates an underlying health issue with your furry pet. This GPS kit is an excellent tool to help the pet owners determine the time to visit a doctor to treat their cuddly pals. Their excellent international shipping facility draws customers from different parts of the world. If you partner with them, you will earn 12% to start. If you sell a huge volume of their products, you can earn a fortune for this company rewards hardworking affiliates. Unlike Chewy, they give you two months’ cookie time to promote their products.
  3. Pet wellbeing Affiliate program: They help your pet to stay healthy as they provide medicines for about 120 dog diseases. Your pet’s well being is the prime concern of the Pet wellbeing company. Share a sale takes care of the affiliate program of the Pet wellbeing company and offers a flat rate of 10% and a cookie for about two months. They offer to deliver at zero cost of your customers to buy over $50. 
  4. Front Pet: If you want to flaunt about owning a cute, sweet canine pet, you have to approach them. They have all the products to make your pet feel privileged being with you. Their products provide maximum satisfaction to your dog. Share a sale takes care of this Front pet’s affiliate program too, and offer a 5-15% commission per sale. 

In short, affiliate marketing has become a huge opportunity because more and more people started liking to own a dog. A dog has always been a loving pal and the amount owners spend on pets is continuously on the rise. There are so many affiliate marketing opportunities, to earn a lot of profit. For more information go over to this page.

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