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The Cheapest Way to Move Cross Country

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If you want to check out the current prices and find the cheapest way to move cross country, click here. While this may seem easy enough, determining the cheapest way to move cross country according to what your circumstances require can be a bit trickier. This is because the term “cheap” can be subjective. For some, cheap may mean fees that are well worth the product or service while others just focus on the price tag and not consider much else. Using these two basic contexts of the word, the following looks at two ways to move cross country that may be both ideal for your situation and costs less than other options.

Trailer Rental

Renting a trailer is one of the cheapest, if not the cheapest way to move cross country. Moving your stuff via a rented trailer affords you the luxury of driving your car, which can be a great help if you are driving along long stretches of road in unfamiliar places for hours. You are cutting costs with this option because you do the packing and unpacking yourself. Unlike renting a truck, which is also a cheaper option, both your vehicle and your stuff arrive at your destination at the same time. There is no need for additional costs for transporting your vehicle to your destination as is the case when opting for a truck rental to move your stuff.

This cheap cross-country moving option does have its drawbacks. To choose this option, you’ll need to have a vehicle with a hitch that can handle the rental trailer. Towing a trailer behind your vehicle has safety risks that increase exponentially if you have little to no previous tow driving experience at all. Longer drives will also require you to make overnight stops, which is something that has its own security risks. Should you decide on this moving option, it will do you well to put in some practice time in driving and parking with a trailer behind your vehicle prior to the long trip.

Truck Rental

Moving truck rentals may be a tad more expensive than renting a trailer, but it is still considerably cheaper than hiring full-service movers. With truck rentals, you can schedule your own trip and, like rental trailers, you get to pack your own stuff. You may need to find a way to have your car delivered to your destination, either as having a friend or relative drive for you or acquire the services of a car moving company.

The downsides of renting a truck to move your stuff cross country is that you may not have the experience and patience to drive a large vehicle cross country. Some trucks use up gas rather quickly, and this is an out-of-pocket expense. Since there was no professional to help you pack, you run the risk of breaking and ruining some of your furniture or electronics. As with a trailer rental, you need to consider how to deal with security risks if you need to take pit stops along the way.

It is always best to travel light and when you are moving cross country into a new home. Fewer items to take along on your journey will translate to lower service and rental costs. You can sell the stuff that you don’t need and use the money to add to your budget.

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