January Aquarius are more rebellious

Aquarius is a star that falls between January and February. It starts on January 20th and ends on February 18th.so we have both January Aquarius  and February Aquarius. The traits of both Aquarius are very similar and distinct at the same time. While talking about January Aquarius vs February Aquarius we also get many similarities and differences. Aquarius is an air star like Gemini and Libra.

January Aquarius have more Aquarius-like traits as compared to February Aquarius, February Aquarius also possesses the traits of the other stars that are not very common in January Aquarius and they get from the other Aquarius Gemini and Aquarius Libra decans. Aquarius are very innovative and easygoing. They are romantic and very compatible. Aquarius also possess other traits depending on the dates of their birth.

So let’s take a look into the fascinating facts about January Aquarius vs February Aquarius.

Commonalities in January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

  • Both January Aquarius and February Aquarius are brilliant and nonchalant. 
  • Aquarius are independent and love freedom.
  • They do not fear saying what they feel but are very potent.
  • Aquarius are very curious creatures, they are always willing to know and learn more and more about things.
  • They are opinionated and not afraid to voice their opinion in front of anyone.
  • They are spontaneous and emotional but not very expressive. They love to do things in their own ways and give new angles to things.

Different traits of January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

  • In January Aquarius vs February Aquarius if there are similarities then there are differences also. Their personality traits are different sometimes because of their division into three decans. So now let’s check out the different personality traits and characteristics of January Aquarius vs February Aquarius.
  • January Aquarius are more rebellious and don’t fear to speak out. February Aquarius are easy going as compared to the January ones.
  • January Aquarius are authoritative and don’t appreciate if someone bosses them. February Aquarius are calm and don’t bother much about being bossed.
  • January Aquarius tend to have mood swings and sometimes are individualistic. February Aquarius are more outgoing and enjoy spending time with people close to them.

All in all, Aquarius are intelligent, creative, clever and optimistic. They seem to be a Lil weird and unorthodox sometimes but still, there are more things to focus on when we talk about January Aquarius vs February Aquarius.

Weaknesses of January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

  • They are opinionated but sometimes they compel others to agree with their opinion 
  • They are stubborn and rebellious which makes them not follow rules often
  • They are unpredictable. You have no idea when they are ready to give you a big surprise or a shock you can say. Sometimes they create chaos with their unpredictable personality.
  • Aquarius have this habit of overthinking that makes them anxious about anything coming up. They sometimes fear if someone goes wrong with what they were planning.

Strengths of January Aquarius vs February Aquarius

  • Aquarius are very caring and loving. They show their love through actions rather than mere words.
  • They are very helpful and always there for someone if they need them
  • They are supportive and don’t leave their loved ones alone.
  • They are very optimistic and always come up with the solutions.
  • They are unique and surprisingly friendly.
  • They are blessed with this gift of determination that makes them successful in any field or profession they work in.

It is not mandatory that people under the same zodiac sign have the same personalities. Sometimes two people with the same zodiac sign have different personality traits or people do not have their zodiac sign traits that totally depend on date of birth, decans and positions of sun, moon or other planets. 


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