So, who are optometrists and what do they do? An optometrist plays an important role where he/she must diagnose and handle the management of diseases in patients. This is partly because they have knowledge about the body’s visual system and how to use the eyes to diagnose and monitor health problems. They are also able to specialize in certain fields such as: ophthalmology, optometry, spectacle lensing and prescribing reading glasses.

Importance Of Optometrists

The importance of optometrists in our society is hard to overstate. They are the first line for eye care for many people and their help can be lifesaving. An optometrist provides a wealth of knowledge about helping people with their vision that is not otherwise available. Without them, people would go blind due to diabetes or other conditions that cause vision loss.

Most people know the importance of an optometrist, but not everyone knows the many things that these eye care specialists do. An expert optometrist can accurately diagnose and detect vision problems. They have widespread knowledge of all the ways to correct these problems and even how to prevent them in the future.

An optometrist is a vastly trained professionals who are specialized in eye treatment. They work in a similar way to nurses, practitioners, and pediatricians to ensure that their patients receive the best healthcare services.

Optometrists along with eye health secondarily look after the overall health of the patients as well. Before starting their own practices, optometrists undergo specialized educational programs and an optometry degree before they begin seeing their patients.

After completing a bachelor’s degree, they go through a four-year-old Optometry degree from any university or institution offering the same. Below highlighted are some points that focuses on the importance of optometry in the healthcare sector.

  • Treat any kinds of issues related to your visual health and any concerns related to the eye structure.
  • Manages ocular manifestation and investigates similar related systematic conditions.
  • Treat and diagnose binocular and perpetual vision disorders.
  • Eye care drugs prescription is also produced by them.
  • Optometrists treat diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc.

Holistic Eye Examination

When any patient visits optometrists for an eye checkup, they completely examine the structures and tissues inside the eye so that detection of eye diseases including cataracts, glaucoma, tears in the retina, tumors, and bleeding, becomes easy. Some examples of overall medical conditions which is also checked by an optometrist are diabetes, pressure, and cardiovascular diseases.

They also help to detect these overall health conditions during an eye checkup. These kinds of eye checkups are necessary so that any issue or eye condition present in an individual gets detected early to avoid a possible loss of vision. A series of tests include a comprehensive eye examination some of which are mentioned below.

  • Medical case history
  • Analysis and treatment
  • Visual acuity and functions
  • Binocular vision efficiency
  • Posterior Segment assessment
  • Anterior Segment assessment
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Refraction

Skills Required To Become An Optometrist

Below are some of the skills which are mandatory for a student to have if he/she aspires to become an optometrist.

  • Verbal communication should be clear and transparent among aspiring optometrists.
  • Active listening skills are the most important while dealing with patients. Hence it is one of the most important skills which optometrists need to have.
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking and Problem solving


So, this was all about the importance of an optometrist in our society. No doubt, optometrists form an integral part of eye healthcare science. It is important to have an optometrist by your side who can help you navigate to an overall healthy life.

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