With more people choosing to stay in education for longer and wanting to have longer careers, hiring a nanny is quickly becoming a necessity for many parents. Unfortunately, many child care options are financially unviable, with a large percentage of parents looking for alternatives.

So, what are the advantages of choosing a nanny over daycare? Different families will have different requirements and expectations when it comes to childcare and hiring a nanny really can be a great option.

Hiring a nanny has many advantages, such as convenience due to the fact they work form your home, familiarity for your kids and increased flexibility day-to-day. However, this is only scraping the surface of how a nanny can make your life easier. There are many, many more advantages to hiring a nanny that we will delve into a little deeper.

Here are just some of the great reasons that you should hire a nanny to look after your children.


As we already mentioned, hiring a nanny is very convenient. With a nanny at home, you can get on with your day knowing that your children are safe in the care of a trained professional.

Hiring a nanny in Melbourne, for example, means you can head off to Chadstone to do some shopping or drive into your job in the city, knowing your children are in good hands. Since your nanny works from home, you don’t need to drive the kids to the carer but they come to you, making it super convenient.


One of the major benefits of hiring a nanny for most families is the incredible flexibility they offer. Raising a family, running a household, holding down a job and trying to have some sort of a social life is challenging, we get it!

With a nanny at home, you can set their schedule to work around yours. Unlike daycare, you set the rules and the expectations, which means your child gets the specific care that fits their requirements.

Extra Help

In most situations, a nanny will be able to help out with light housework or chores around the house as well as minding the kids, which can be a huge help day-to-day. It’s important to agree on these expectations when you are hiring, as it’s important for both the family and the nanny to know what’s required.

For instance, preparing meals for the children and helping with their laundry is quite common. Washing the windows and mowing the lawn, not so much.


In most cases, nannies have vast experience in childcare. They often will have studied childcare in some form of further education and a good nanny will bring a lot of practical experience from working for different families with different backgrounds and in different environments.

It’s not uncommon for bonds to develop between families and their nanny as they become involved in both your children’s lives and your own. Backed by their experience you will feel at ease with them and trust them to look after your children’s needs.

Provide the Right Care for Your Kids

Hiring a nanny can have a very positive impact on your children’s lives and your own. Coming home from work every day to find your children happy and healthy, doing their homework and the house organised, is something that most parents can’t begin to imagine.

With a nanny on the scene, these dreams become a reality. Having someone there to rely on, help you out and who will love and care for your kids as much as you do has so many benefits. You will be less stressed, have more energy and you and your family will cherish the bond and memories you and your nanny make together for years to come.

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