There is nothing more fun than an open home inspection. Unless you are the homeowner. Because that is a whole other realm of stress, emotion and waiting. So what’s the secret ingredient that make buyers fall in love with the home? Well there is no quick fix, but there are some areas that you can get some quick wins with prospective buyers that don’t require builders or a tonne of money.

Doors, windows and garage

These elements are the first thing you see when you pull up outside the home. Buyers want to see care and design in these areas so make sure they are looking as they should. Doors always look striking with a bold colour, complemented by some dramatic windows with modest curtains or blinds. But the garage always covers the most amount of space and catches the eye of all who arrive for a look at your home. Securing quality Dandenong Garage Doors will set you up for success in the market.


If you aren’t willing to put in the hard yards on your yard, well you may find the property game quite miserable. The garden is the most ‘put yourself here’ part of the property, and buyers just want to get an idea of how it looks, what they could do and what the maintenance is. If you aren’t willing to sink too much into landscaping to sell, just make sure the lawn and weeding is where it needs to be. Best to perfect one thing than try too many and end up recreating a scene from Jumangi.

Paint job

Wow, painting can be an expensive job. But when you stand back and admire the work, it really is priceless. Survey your home and figure out what desperately needs a paint and what you can get away with. A fresh coat tells the buyer that they now don’t have to do that for a long while, and it also makes your home pop out in a street of hundreds of homes. Pick a colour that will please a greater group of people, as you really have no idea who will end up buying your home.


There is no right or wrong selection of furniture. But there are better choices than others. If you are selling a small home, make sure you use small and minimal furniture to make the space appear larger. If you have a bigger home and are trying to appeal to the family market, scatter some kids furniture around the space so your buyers can see how it works with the space.

While no one is suggesting you stifle your individuality, the buyer wants to imagine themselves there so choose generic and classic pieces. Strange art installations and complicated furniture might not be putting your best foot forward.


I can’t think of a single person who doesn’t have a pet these days. And the highest non-negotiable on these owners list when considering a home is a fence. If they have to have one built themselves – you have already lost them. Fences are also quite important to young families, as it takes away another threat to their little ones and they can feel comfortable when the kids want to have a play in the front yard.

You can’t describe the feeling to falling in love with a home, you can only feel it. And while it may seem like a lost list of boxes has to be ticket before anyone is interested, you simply don’t know what is going to work for someone. Assessing the state and design of the above will put set you apart from other homes on the market, and will get you that much closer to receiving the rewards you desire.

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