What secret weapon does Angelina Jolie use to slay her fans and the paparazzi alike? According to her latest snaps on chic fashion magazines and blogs, she relies on a one-handle tote. While black is definitely the star’s favorite color, you can typically spot her with a black all-leather tote from one of the prominent fashion labels whether she’s shopping with Knox Jolie-Pitt and Shilo, or catching a plane from LAX.

While dark-colored everyday leather totes are perfect for the old-school Hollywood charm Jolie always carries around, these timeless classics are ideal as work bags, party accessories and beach hold-it-all bags for every woman. The appeal of tote bags is not escaping men either. You can take a leaf off the fashion icon and musician Frank Ocean’s red carpet presence. While sitting in the front row of Virgil Abloh’s 2019 fall collection, he flaunted an unmistakable orange puffer jacket complete with a super-sized hunter green tote for men.

The appeal of a large but shapely tote works on the royalty and the ordinary person alike. Whether you follow Meghan Markle around or take a sneak peek at Kate Middleton’s daily wear attires, you will find a few accessories to be staples of the royal ladies’ wardrobe. Both the ladies love living it up with stylish and bespoke totes. We love Meghan because she can dress up a $35 dress with a nude long feminine jacket, nude heels, and a matching tote large enough to attract the attention of the nation and beyond!

The different tote bags for the dynamic woman

While we may not have the shopping budget of celebrities, there is no way our personal fashion statements are any less valuable than theirs. With fashion designers already racking their brains about the 2020 fall collection, here are the five tote bag designs you can pair with the latest autumn/winter clothes this season –

i. The single loop handle tote
Angelina Jolie has done it! Kate Middleton has done it, and there is no reason you should not try it too. The single loop handle tote or the satchel top inspired tote is both affordable and practical. You can add some extra oomph to your regular work-wear by carrying a signature single loop handle tote. Almost all renowned fashion labels have their rendition of the satchel-top tote.

ii. Crochet tote
It is perfect if you love an easy-breezy look. Crochet totes are ideal for the tropical getaway, beach weekend retreats, and informal outdoor events. They can complement peasant blouses, summery light dresses and colorful culottes with tie-dyed summer tops. In short, crochet totes are perfect for those ready to rekindle the Woodstock vibe without looking too cheap or rundown.

iii. The travel tote
The travel tote is every woman’s best friend. Do you need extra space for your gym clothes? Do you need to carry your breast pump and bottles? Do you need to find space for your smoothie and your laptop? Well, the all-in-one travel tote is your answer to every problem. Not only does it have ample space, but it also comes with multiple compartments, pockets, and detachable pouches. You can make room for all the awesomeness and still keep the bag looking sleek! The close cousin of the travel tote is the work bundle that is perfect for the working woman, who needs the world at her beck-and-call without any fuss!

iv. The massive bucket tote
No list of tote bags is complete without the all-in bucket tote. They are large enough to fit the odd tablet and the ubiquitous laptop. It is a timeless classic that blends the capacity of a bucket bag with the formal charm of a tote. If you are looking for a fun night out after a long day at the office, the bucket tote will be your best friend. Pay attention to details like hand woven genuine leather, fewer tassels, and seamless handle. It is possible that your bucket tote will have one handle if you are purchasing from a renowned designer brand.

v. The updated tote
The updated tote can be a PU woven tote in funky colors or a crescent-shaped tote in somber brown tones. In short, it is our good-old tote friend in a new garb. You can carry the updated tote to office, a fashion show, and a baby shower without missing a beat. The updated tote is likely to come with multiple compartments and an additional pouch to contain your makeup, electronics, and wallet. You will never again lose your chapstick or make a mess out of your makeup in your bag ever again with this updated version of a tote.

Special mention

The sling-cum-tote
The tote bag that you can also sling is the biggest gift of 2019. Those tired of the small sling bags that make you choose between your mobile phone and your compact are so not welcome in the working woman’s wardrobe anymore! We need a bag that holds it all in style without a fuss. What can be better than a sling-cum-tote? You can swing it or sling it depending on how you are feeling today. Pick one with a travel pouch to store your knickknacks out of harm’s way. You can even take it on vacation to keep the extra scarf, or smoothie bottle when braving the tropical sun.

Totes are here to stay, and there are no doubts about it. However, we have come a long way from the simple and functional L.L.Bean tote in canvas. We have totes in PU leather, pure leather, crochet, and hybrid materials that not only withstand daily use, but they can also safeguard your things from the rain. While looking for a tote that will hold your laptop and other electronics, don’t forget to check out its water-resistant or waterproof properties. Always remember that investing in a designer bag will save you money in the long run. You will never have to spend on the same thing twice when you have a trusty friend to accompany you to work, parties, and social engagements.

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