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The Fundamental Collapse of the GOP and It’s Not Surprising

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Donald Trump is the front-runner in the GOP and there’s a lot of Republicans that are not happy about it. The scarier part is that Donald Trump is not even the reason the GOP is where they are. You can blame that on the Tea Party and the sudden rise of Libertarianism.

After eight years of George W. Bush, a president that sent us to war in Iraq and Afghanistan and was proven to be ineffective. The whole idea of the “weapons of mass destruction” has been talked in bits of controversy.

I also add that the Christian conservatives and the formation of the “Tea Party” was the catalyst to what we are today. Today former Republican nominee Mitt Romney came out today to speak against Trump.

Mitt Romney was a giant disappointment, not only as a governor in Massachusetts when he was in Beacon Hill, but also as the candidate whose known as the “47% guy.”

Mitt Romney didn’t run again and Donald Trump is not wrong in any of his assessments of the GOP. But sticking it to Donald Trump when he lost to Obama in 2012 as the GOP’s “hope to stop Obama” almost makes Trump supporters laugh at it and I don’t blame them.

On the flip side, Mitt Romney is right about Trump University and Marco Rubio is right about the Polish Illegals story from a long time ago. It truly is something that is relevant but a Trump supporter simply doesn’t care because the competition is all the same old crap.

Conservatives have been forcing these awful ideas and ignorance towards President Obama down our throats. This includes Mitch McConnell, Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz and many others that are just setting our country back to the old Antibellum South, (whether you believe it or not). The other problem is the competition. Denying climate change (which is real), not following the Supreme Court (though they swear by it if it benefits them), and of course they want to protect the 1% and we know that based on what has been seen in the debates.

Let me tackle the competition piece by piece.

Ted Cruz isn’t presidential material. Cruz is the worst candidate on either side, he had a filibuster that led to a government shutdown over Planned Parenthood and cost our country more than $2 billion and lasted sixteen days. Cruz is simply just too conservative for anybody to truly take seriously in a general election because there are moderates that don’t believe an “evangelical candidate” is the right man to be in charge. Cruz’s evangelical base starts with Kevin Swanson, a son of missionaries, and is a tad bit hateful towards homosexuals. WHY ISN’T CRUZ BEING FAULTED FOR THIS!!

Marco Rubio is simply similar to Obama in terms of being a one-term senator with little experience in an executive seat. But in 2024, could be a good candidate even if he doesn’t hold a seat for a few years because he’s not running for reelection in Florida as Senator. Marco Rubio has had some internet folk tales about typical Miami things but let’s disregard because I have some integrity and think he’s a solid man.

John Kasich is a governor that has had mixed reviews in Ohio from what I read. You can never get a beat on him, but he was apart of bipartisan Congress that got stuff done with Bill Clinton.

No one else on the party had a chance because Jeb Bush simply burned money in his campaign. Perhaps if the Republicans were able to say Rubio won Iowa and South Carolina, they’d be able to have a candidate with a chance to win against Trump.

Swanson, a priest who has preached for the death of homosexuals and wanting Ted Cruz to be president.

Even with my dislike of Ted Cruz, I believe there could be 3 if not 4 candidates on top of Libertarian Gary Johnson and the Green Rainbow Party’s Jill Stein on the November ballot. Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump may well be the main two with the original party lines. I believe Rubio and Cruz would duke out for the other “Republican Party” spot.

I also believe that Bernie Sanders might be able to run as an independent based on the support he’s had in the largely Democratic states. That’s up to 6 candidates, Clinton, Trump, Cruz, Sanders?, Stein, and Johnson.

Catch your breath because that’s a lot of to take in. But let’s be very clear, If it were to come down to Trump and Clinton, people simply will not vote and I’ll be one of them, neither Trump or Clinton are the solution for this country.

But it’s not like Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio will do anything but help Hilary Clinton win the office, and I don’t believe Bernie Sanders would run as an independent because the Democrats have it more together (granted DNC Chairman Debbie Waserman-Shultz is a corrupt Clinton supporter and may lose her Florida seat this November), and Bernie may be a VP candidate or just endorse Hilary Clinton for president in June, like Clinton did for Obama in 2008.

As “The Circus” continues just note that this election is totally influenced by all forms of media, social media, local media, big media, and of course what everybody is telling you. Trump is gathering a group and with the states he won down south, he has won the base of their party’s states, similar to Bernie Sanders has been doing with Colorado and Minnesota (states that vote blue).

Enjoy the ride America, but just keep note of this in history, a man like Donald Trump just throws billions of dollars in cash to run for president because he simply can.

Donald Trump is also telling people what they want to hear, and there’s nothing America loves more than hopping on a bandwagon, just think of sports and music, every next thing is the best thing… Whether it’s country and EDM music, the Golden State Warriors and Carolina Panthers, or the fact that America just won’t support a loser, it’s that simple.

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