Citizen Solder is a band that I recently became aware of thanks to YouTube. The song that captured my attention was “Would Anyone Care” and it’s now on my playlist. The band has released an EP titled Caroline in 2017, in 2019 released the album Relentless and their most recent release came out in November of 2020 titled Down The Rabbit Hole.

Currently on Spotify, Citizen Solder has over 288,000 monthly listeners and that will definitely change in the future. What captures your attention when listening to Citizen Soldier are the lyrics which are incredibly powerful.

What’s also good news is that out of their top 10 songs on Spotify, six have gotten listened to over a million times. The band does take on the stigma of mental health and the song that illustrates this perfectly is “I’m Not Okay.” Yet it’s far from the only one.

Here’s a look at some of the lyrics from “I’m Not Okay.

“I wish I had a scar
Had a bruise on the surface any kind of proof
That everything I feel is more than just some sad excuse
My life’s invisible abuse
I’m either judged or have to hide
The only symptom you can see
Is I don’t wanna be alive

I am not okay
And I need you to see it
I have so much to say
And no one to hear it
The reason I keep quiet
With so much at stake
I always feel like a burden
Let it silence me
You’ll never understand
Why it’s so hard to say”


“Weight of the World” is another great example. Lyrics are.

“I don’t like, like myself very much

Despite all your kind words
Can’t explain why I’m hurting myself
But it feels deserved

My mind’s such a mess
I can’t handle it
I’m at the end of my rope
I’m so sick of this
I’m so over it
Why won’t you let me let go

My neck is breaking, body shaking
Sometimes it’s so hard to breathe
But no one sees it follows me
I always end up underneath

These thoughts won’t rest
I can’t forgive
I over think until I’m sick
I’m too damn tired
Too worn to fight

I don’t feel strong enough”

Lead singer Jake Segura has an incredible voice and has quickly become one of my favorites. After reading about him it’s clear that he’s an inspiration too many. I’m looking forward to a chance to attend a Citizen Soldier concert once the pandemic is over.

With their popularity about to explode Citizen Soldier is The Inscriber Magazine Band on the Rise.


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