Taking a start as a tiny employee and becoming a famous business tycoon seems impossible. Yes, but Joshua Kirshbaum has made it impossible with his effort and determination. Today at the age of 30, Joshua is a famous public figure and is popular for his services, business settlement and social activities around the globe. Do you think what has made him famous? Well, it is a long story of twenty years, when Joshua was a child of ten years. Yes, the brilliant and hard-working business owner started his struggle in the age of 10 years and attained the position of United Nations consultant, New York City Bar Accredited Mediator, conflict zone photographer, and indie producer.

Social Life

He is not just an ordinary businessman because he is busy in different other activities like he has joined four active programs and a large volunteer base programs spanning nonviolent action training, international disarmament advocacy, sustainable peace and youth leadership empowerment. During his service, he served human and humanity to promote several volunteer programs. His efforts are not able to deny in this field.

Joshua’s Success story

He started the struggle in the age of the ten years when he was working for local theatre companies at the very young age of about ten years. He was doing his first photography business and expanded many offices across the beautiful region of DC metropolitan at his age of just fourteen years. He sold his first business for more than four times his founding costs at the age of 15.

In the ages of 18 years, he became the partner of the local NYC student filmmakers and started up Æ Studios NYC. He has established a chain of innovative student-based film studios. These studios are found at the 16 location across the East coast by 2012.

In the age of 21, he started to complete his working on ÆFocus Projects and created connection with major corporate sponsors with significant causes successfully.

Nonviolence International welcomed him in early 2018 and designated him Executive Director of the New York office. Joshua was the youngest office head in the network. He worked with his team and expanded consulting for national movements like wear orange & Black Lives Matter, March for our lives and the woman’s March. Today, he is running NonviolenceNY Network with his team.

Strong determination

It is the most impressive desire in everybody’s life. To change endless wellspring of energy into improved insight, unending thriving and attractive social abilities is known as assurance. The objective is the genuine motivation of life that is amazingly incredible in everybody. It gives quality and energy to be gainful and inventive.

Without choosing an objective, a human can’t get inspiration to do anything. Determination is the most critical factor that can make a person chase the goal of success. Joshua is an inspiration for the modern youth. You can learn more about his new projects at He is a famous figure because of his unique business senses.





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