A grammar checker is software attached to a word processor. Its purpose is to find grammatical errors in the writing. It checks for improper usage of words and sentence structure, incorrect usage of punctuation and other mistakes. It helps you to master your work with just a few clicks. If you are opting for the grammar check online then you should know its usefulness as well as its limitations.

Usefulness Of Grammar Check

Grammar checker is very helpful for non writers and non technical people.It allows people to improve their knowledge of the English language by indicating their errors and mistakes.Such tools proofread your text to make sure that it is precise and error free. It provides you with zero mistakes in your work. Your final result will be hundred percent mistake free.

Improves Functionality Of Word Processor

Grammar checker tools are added to the word processor that improves the functionality of the existing program. The tools allow the writer to compose their work without any error in English language.

Conceptual Learning

Grammar checker builds a strong base in the English language. They break down the content into small parts, identify grammatical and spelling mistakes in the work, revising and proofreading it, so these tools allow to increase the knowledge of the English language.

Multi – Compatibility

The grammar checking tools feature instant proofreading. Such software eliminates all the grammatical and spelling errors from the work. Unlike the traditional word grammar checker, the grammar checker of Microsoft Word has  more editing options and few limitations .

Time Saving

Grammar checking tools saves a lot of time for readers because it is more time consuming to do proofreading manually. This tool is very helpful for the people who are busy all the time. It helps indirectly in saving the time of such people. The tools have made the correction of the errors in English language easier than ever before. You don’t have to consult a number of books and libraries to proofread the work. The grammar checking tool saves your time, money and also resources.

Limitations Of Grammar Check

Grammar checker is the only software with no humans to work behind it. Your work will  pass through software only rather than humans. The grammar checker may miss most of the things, when dealing with idioms. Grammar checker checks sentence structure only . It will not give you any help to produce better ideas.

Context Based

Grammar checker only corrects the results according to context and will not be able to give you 100% accuracy, it will not restructure your sentences word by word. It removes some negative words or sentences like not or no, that changes the meaning of the sentence to a wider way with which you cannot express your exact meaning.

Similar Words

Grammar checker will correct common words only ,it completely fails to perform when it comes to detect words of incorrect usage. Grammar checker only detects any error in the sentence. Mostly people use such sentences without knowing that it is incorrect. The formation of grammar checkers should be in a way that it can detect such errors but it fails to do so.

Proper Nouns

Many grammar checkers cannot detect proper nouns. It doesn’t capitalise automatically on the first letter of the individual places, organisations or persons.

Complex Sentences

Grammar checking software uses limited rules in detecting the spellings, grammatical and other mistakes in the writing. If the writer uses complex sentences , it will be unable to detect the mistakes and report the findings to the person checking as correct sentences. When such work passes through the eyes of the readers, it creates an annoying situation for them.


People who depend only on grammar checking will never be able to learn the English language while it will deteriorate the knowledge of English. So one should depend upon these tools to an extent. Now we have discussed the usefulness and the limitations of grammar checkers to make you aware that every product has its advantages and disadvantages. So have complete knowledge about a particular thing before you use it.




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