Have you seen the latest bedroom sets? If you think you’re limited to a bed, nightstands, and a dresser, you are in for a big surprise. Thanks to the increase in popularity of online furniture ordering, you are no longer limited by what is in your local furniture dealer’s showroom. In truth, most bedroom furniture collections give you many options so that you can have a matched set that perfectly meets your needs.

But now that you have all of these options, how do you choose? Below are the most popular pieces of furniture that you need in your bed set other than a bed.

Nightstands – one or two?

Did you know that the standard bedroom set only comes with the bed and one nightstand? If the bedroom is only going to be used by one adult, one nightstand will be adequate. But if you will be sharing the bed, you should have a nightstand on each side. Guest bedrooms may have only one nightstand, but you should have one on each side just in case.

Dresser or chest of drawers?

Everyone has their own way of organizing their clothing, and as such, the perfect clothing storage bedroom furniture is different for everyone. Furniture designers know this, and they do create bedroom sets that include other options.

Some people consider the dresser and chest of drawers to be the same, but there is a difference. A chest is usually taller and skinnier than a dresser. A dresser can also come with a mirror, while the chest of drawers will not.

You can choose one or two or all of the clothing storage pieces in the matched set that you have room for and require. In addition to dressers and chests of drawers, you can also get armoires or wardrobes. Armoires and wardrobes typically offer hanging and drawer storage within a sealed hardwood cabinet. This is the perfect way to store cocktails or formal attire when not in use. Not only is your clothing protected, but the armoires can also be the most beautiful piece of furniture in the room.

Other optional bedroom furniture

If it seems like we have covered everything you could put in your bedroom, think again. There are three other items that you can get in matched furniture sets. Media chests have become hugely popular as people turn their bedrooms into lounging areas. These chests match the rest of the bedroom set so that they can be functional without looking out of place.

Another piece of bedroom furniture that is gaining in popularity is the bedroom bench. The bench gives you a place to sit when you are preparing for the day or preparing to retire and adds seating if you have guests in your bedroom. Many furniture sets include storage benches that offer interior hidden storage perfect for stowing away extra throws or pillows.

Some furniture sets can offer even more matched items to make designing your bedroom much easier. Some bedroom sets come with optional matched vanities, floor mirrors, and other useful items. Want to know about all of your options? Discover here: https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/bedroom/bedroom-sets

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