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The Original Phone Grip: Hold Your Mobile Devices Better!!

Are you the sort of person who finds it hard to look after your phone? Modern phones come with many impressive features, but it is often the case that durability is not one of these. Indeed, as phones have gotten more and more high tech, it seems to be the case that their durability and functionality has actually decreased in nature, instead of improving; this can mean that it is incredibly easy to break a modern mobile device, when compared to the old mobile devices that were far sturdier and more durable in nature.

Thankfully, we at CatTongue Grips might have the solution that you need for all of your phone gripping problems! Never worry about letting your phone slip through your fingers again with the revolutionary new phone case and skin that is the Original Phone Grip from Egrips!

What is the Original Phone Grip?

Egrips’ original phone skin and grip technology have been designed to help people keep hold of their mobile devices. Made from the highest qu4ality materials, it helps to give the back of a person’s phone a superior coefficient of friction and a very low profile, thereby making it far harder for the phone to be dropped accidentally! This is a great feature that would be an excellent addition to the phones of people who find themselves to be a little bit clumsier, or who find it hard to grip onto their mobile devices.

Imagine a world where you don’t have to worry about thinking excessively about keeping your grip tight on your mobile device; well, now you won’t need to! The patented, protective technology works to help create an anti-skid backing for your device, protecting it wherever you might be!

The technology helps to repel dirt and grime, staying clean for longer and is designed to grip hard. You surely won’t find a product that can offer the same exceptional level of grip for your mobile device than this one, and best of all, it is so easy to remove; even if you do occasionally need to clean it, you won’t need to worry about prying it off as a quick peel-off is usually all this product will need! It isn’t sticky or magnetic, either; it’s just super easy to use!

These skins are designed to be highly effective on any type of hard and dry surface, making them great for helping to give your mobile device more grip. They are made from special materials that are soft elastomers, which act in a similar way to high-performance tires in that they only wear out when large amounts of friction are applied to the material—thereby helping to keep them working effectively almost endlessly!

These skins can be used for other products other than just mobile devices, too, making them versatile choices that are great for people who find themselves dropping things on a regular basis. The material itself comes in a large sheet and can then be cut down to size so that it will fit any type of product with ease!

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