Hotels and its room amenities are something that every guest look forward to and should be treated well with. Every traveler chooses their stay with too much caution and care since it is the most essential part of their travel. Either far or near, every traveler looks first for their stay.

Every hotel plans meticulously for their room ambiance and amenities. They plan their bathroom bedroom, housekeeping, restaurant, and toiletry accessories that every customer would like. These might be costly; every hotel has to choose carefully among the vast varieties of guest room supplies and amenities available. We, at Mellcrest, provide the highest range of facilities at the lowest cost possible.

You will have to choose the interiors and the accessories of the hotel wisely. Times have changed from a traveler just expecting to stay to every traveler wanting to taste luxury at an affordable price. It is in the hands of the hotel management to ensure their desires are fulfilled.

Three reasons why you should treat your guests with the utmost care:

  • Your customers will be your greatest assets. No matter whether they are satisfied or not, their interests will be clearly expressed through their ratings and reviews.
  • If you want to build your brand and its network, then nothing matters the most than the guest satisfaction — their word of mouth, their appreciation, and network matters the most for your brand’s growth.
  • Your guests priorly expect the housekeeping services the most. Make sure to be prompt at it. Overlooking little things in hospitality or food departments might make you lose a valuable customer. Your services should make them come back again and again.

What amenities does everyone expect from the hotel?

  • Soft Pillows and Breathe easy Bed covers.

What more does a person need more than a good night’s sleep? Every traveler expects to land up in a soft and warm bed, post traveling. A bed with natural fibers like cotton with a down comforter would be the best thing that every traveler needs.

Your online display of beds would look royale with white wrapped on them. If one chooses to go with white, then he can be sure that the guests will opt to stay at their hotel with the photos put in online platforms.

  • Soft and large bath towels

A traveler wouldn’t want to carry wet clothes around, and hence he might always prefer to use the sheets given in the hotel. It should be soft and comfortable enough so that he can cover himself adequately to stand and converse in front of his family or friends. Give them a set of fluffy towels and encourage them to re-use it, so that they can save water. Get the best quality fluffy towels with us.

  • pH Balanced toiletries

With pollution building up every day, people now prefer to use toiletries with its pH balanced and sulfurs removed. Give them a set of Shower gel, Shampoo, Conditioner, and Moisturizer; he will smile like a kid. Any Adult becomes a kid at the sight of these luxuries. A relaxing shower with a cleansing nature will make them feel fresh and clean. Nothing feels pleasant rather than a refreshing bath. Shop with us for affordable luxury toiletries.

  • Complimentary Drinks and Refreshments

Keeping Mini-bars and offering free drinks to your guests can be quite costly. But you can offer them a bottle of water and complementary welcome drinks. You can additionally keep milk powder sachets, tea bags, and sugar packets for their morning tea. They feel welcome with that. Buy Bulk amounts of sachets together at a low price. We have a wide variety of options with us.

  • Customize their room and make them feel special

No customer wouldn’t like a touch of personalization. Give them a welcome name board with fresh flowers; they will feel like a celebrity. Think and make them feel special! Nothing matters most than a Happy customer.

With the above amenities made available in your hotel, every guest would feel like a King. Dare to think and act unusual, for that is what is going to bring you revenue tomorrow. Mellcrust has every amenity for your hotel, right in one place.

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