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The Rundown: Blake is clutch, Boogies beats down SAC and Bulls get their first W (10-27-17)

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On today’s Rundown, we discuss all five of last night’s game, and of course, pick our Player of the Game.

Bulls 91-Hawks 86

Nick Billion: Bulls get their first win of the season led by six different Bulls. This also included three double-doubles. This is the type of play you want from young team. May not win every game, but this or the effort you want. For the Hawks, it was a solid outing for Belinelli and Bazemore.

Craig Brallier: This definitely wasn’t the prettiest game you’ll see from the NBA this season, but it was a closely contested game. David Nwaba was awesome off of the bench for the Bulls and Denzel’s Valentine filled in very nicely in the starting lineup. The Hawks were kind of short handed, and the scoring just wasn’t there. That’ll probably happen quite a few more times.


Grizzlies 96-Mavericks 91

NB: In a rematch of the previous night, this one went to the Grizzlies. Gasol and Conley continue to show their leadership and scoring abilities for this team. Even with the loss, the Mavericks still had a good game led by Barnes with 22 points and 11 rebounds.

CB: Back to back good games from these two teams, making for good basketball. Marc Gasol continues to not let Father Time bring him down and has another really good game. For Dallas, it was a solid effort but with Dennis Smith Jr.’s shot not falling like the night before, it’s tough pull out a win.


Celtics 96-Bucks 89

NB: A fun game to watch! The Celtics ended up taking the W with Kyrie Irving having another good game. One thing Boston failed to do was slow down Giannis, as he continues to have All-Star performances.

CB: It came in a loss, but I don’t think it’s a question that The Greek Freak is the early favorite in the MVP race. The “old court” didn’t seem to slow down Kyrie any, as the 2K cover athlete dropped 24 and 7 dimes. Big game from Horford as well, who scored 27 points and pulled down nine rebounds.


Clippers 104-Blazers 103

NB: Black Griffin leads the team and tops it off with a game winner! Lillard and McCollum combine for 48 points

CB: Blake Griffin has been awesome so far this season. He looks like he’s rebound his youth since CP3 left the scene and last nights win was all on his shoulders. Can’t take anything away from Portland though, they’re starting five had a heck of a game, just couldn’t close them out.


Pelicans 114- Kings 106

NB: This game was all about Boogie. He went for a career night and goes off on his former team.

CB: I completely agree. Cousins was sensation with 41 points and 23 rebounds lead the Pelicans to victory despite not having Anthony Davis.


Player er of The Night

NB: Easy pick here, DeMarcus Cousins gets my vote.

CB: Gotta agree. Anytime you go for 40-20 there’s a good chance you had the best game of the night.


Precictions for tonight:


NB: Rockets

CB: Hornets



NB: Spurs

CB: Spurs



NB: Nuggets

CB: Nuggets



NB: Thunder

CB: Thunder



NB: Warriors

CB: Warriors



NB: Raptors

CB: Lakers


That’ll do it for today’s Rundown. Join us Monday-Friday for the rest of the season!

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