virtual sex relationship

Sex is a good way to let out negative energy from your body and mind. Sexual relationships add a lot of excitement in life as an orgasm can make us feel very good. Free sex and dating sites have also fuelled the ease of access for many and led to the rise of sex only relationships. Today virtual relationships have also grown in demand and led to virtual sexual relationships as well. Virtual sex can be fun if you are looking for something light and exciting to do when you want to have some sexy fun. Here are some tips for a virtual sex relationship.

Seek consent

Even though virtual sex is different from the real world, it is still sex. Hence, you must seek consent when desiring sexual contact. It is much more fun when both parties have agreed to the acts that they are going to engage in. And what is better than consent is enthusiastic consent. Nothing wrong with getting a loud and clear Yes! Discuss safety precautions and the wants and needs of each party. These discussions are healthy conversations that need to be had before sexual acts. Questions like which platforms are we ok with, should faces be in the frame or deletion of intimate photos once the acts are complete, must be explored. Each person who is involved will have a different perspective on these questions, so getting on the same page is necessary.

Make sure you are ok with it

Before going your sexual adventure virtually, you yourself must be comfortable with it. Think about what you would want to try or explore sexually. Think about the level of trust you have in your virtual partner and the risk you are willing to take to pursue this virtual relationship. You need to find someone who can stick to the boundaries you set. You must remember that there are countless options for having sex at the distance. Photos, video and even writing with erotic content will make do.

Trustworthy platforms

Always choose a trustworthy platform where you want to get your pleasure. This is one of the most important tips you can follow. It can be impossible to see if a third party is eavesdropping or intercepting your online activity. This could mean leaking of your intimate videos and photos. Even the person with whom you have virtual sex can betray your trust and leak your intimate photos.

Talk and play

You can talk as well as play online when you are engaging in virtual sex. Dirty talking is a good way to get to an orgasm and find sexual pleasure. Words can trigger a person’s imagination so he or she can get to that point while talking to you. Use your words to trigger naughty memories. Tell them if you are missing the look on their face while they orgasm. Use your sexy voice to describe your desires and try to be natural with it. Try new things by incorporating toys in your routine. Couples sex toys, dildos and even ice cubes can enhance your sexual play while adding spice to the mix.

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