As a homeowner, you would agree to the fact that roof maintenance and upkeep are paramount. You need to consider several aspects when it comes to roof maintenance, and one such feature is roof guttering. The guttering system ensures proper drainage of the water, thus keeping the roof free from water clogging.

Proper roof plumbing or roof guttering is majorly important for protecting your house from any kind of water damage and by the accumulated stormwater. The stormwater should necessarily be channeled off from your roof and disposed of in a proper drainage channel.

The job of roof guttering does not end there. All the accumulated stormwater on the roof needs to be properly drained out. Specifically, this needs to go to a properly built stormwater drain, which might flood your entire garden and your property.

All you need to do is to follow the downspouts in your home, and you will surely notice that they are connected to a proper drain, or they end right above one. This helps channel the accumulated rainwater in the roof directly into the local stormwater drain and eliminates the overall risk of terrible flooding and several other issues.

Generally, the blocked drains, downpipes, and drain pit can considerably ruin this valuably constructed system.


What Are The Usual Suspects For This Blockage? 

In the majority of the instances, your gutters and downpipes would have proper filters for stopping the debris like the twigs, leaves, and several other things from entering into the roof’s drain that leads to a major blockage. After all, this is much easier to clear out the blockage, which hinders the drain’s smooth flow.

These specific filters are not infallible, and over the course of time, enough debris can accumulate, causing a severe blockage.

Several homeowners often forget to regularly check their drains and cause the debris to tightly consolidate in the drains over the passage of time. This results in a major blockage of the roof drains and gutters.

Shoddy Installation And Dodgy Repairs 

At times, the drain in your roof is blocked not due to negligence but due to a dodgy installation or a faulty repair procedure.

The roof plumbers usually attend several homes where the contractors have majorly cut corners while installing or repairing the roof plumbing that may result in an incorrect connection.

Perhaps, this is a filter that is not appropriately installed or rather an imperfect connection that lets the roots and dirt inside the drain. Either way, the result is always the same – slow drainage and complete blockage. Hence you need to hire only an experienced contractor who can help you with the right way of installing the gutter or repairing it.

Tree Roots 

If your roof drain is located close to the garden bed in your property, this can land you in a major problem. The reason behind the same is that the roots are considered to be the major risks to your drainpipes that lead to the drainage system. The roots of the trees usually love water very much. They are biologically hardwired to get attracted to water. Your drains and pipes carry a lot of water. Oftentimes, a single tiny leak can result in root penetration which can later cause the blockage in the pipeline. Once the drainpipe is blocked, the sole way is to replace the pipe as it becomes difficult to clear.


Roof guttering is an important job that needs to be accomplished to maintain your property in good condition and to save it from flooding. You should hire the best experts who can help you with roof guttering repair and maintenance.

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