Thirty Minute Mentors Podcast by Adam Mendler

Forbes contributor Adam Mendler brings you the best mentors in his podcast Thirty Minute Mentors. Here’s the scoop about his hit podcast.

1.) Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got to be so successful today?

I was fortunate to grow up in a great environment with many highly positive influences – from my parents to mentors to friends of all ages. I credit my upbringing, growing up on Veloz Ave., to my worldview and to whatever success I have enjoyed. When I left corporate America in my late 20s and began my entrepreneurial journey, naming the company after Veloz was a foregone conclusion.

2.) What inspired you to start a podcast?

I have long been a strong advocate of the power of mentorship. Mentors have impacted my life in meaningful ways from the time I was a kid and I have tried to pay it forward by serving as a mentor to others even at a very young age. I wanted to give a broad audience of listeners access to the best network of mentors possible – leading CEOs, founders, celebrities, athletes, general and admirals. My goal is to not only bring on extremely accomplished and compelling guests, but to guide each conversation in a way that brings maximum value to listeners.

3.) Who are some celebrities you have interviewed on your podcast?

One of my first guests was Suzanne Somers, who is not only a celebrity and an icon, but an incredibly savvy businesswoman. That was a fun way to break in the podcast. A few weeks later, I had Rob Lowe on the show and, like Suzanne, Rob brought so many interesting dimensions to the interview beyond our conversation about acting and The West Wing. I recently interviewed a three-time Grammy winner who is the frontman for a popular band and that interview is going to air later this month.

4.) What kind of audience typically listens to your podcast and what can they learn?

When I started the podcast, I assumed my audience would consist of people in the early stages of their journeys. While I have found that my show resonates with a lot of college students and young professionals, I have also discovered that some of the most successful people in the country are fans of the show. Many of my guests emphasize the importance of lifelong learning, and several have told me off air that they have learned a lot by listening to my interviews with other guests. My goal is for anyone tuning in to be able to learn how to become a better leader, how to become more successful professionally and how to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

5.) Can you tell us something a podcast guest has told you that inspired you? Such as an unexpected lesson or otherwise?

This is a tough question because I am regularly inspired by my guests and learn tangible lessons from every interview. I recently had Victor Rojas, the play-by-play announcer for the Los Angeles Angels, on the podcast, and much of what he said was inspiring. Victor started his career in broadcasting in his 30s and is now at the top of his profession. Something Victor said that especially resonated with me is advice that he shares with young broadcasters interested in breaking into his profession: stay true to your own voice and your own style. If you try to mimic someone else, you will never be great. Once Victor stopped trying to become Eric Nadel (his senior broadcasting partner with the Texas Rangers), he was able to become a great broadcaster. I often give talks on how to become your best self, but the conversation with Victor was a good reminder for me to stay true to my voice and my style.

6.) How can our readers listen to your podcast and where can they follow your work on social media?


Thirty Minute Mentors is available on all major podcasting apps – Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher and Google Play – and at Readers can follow me on Instagram at @adammendler and on Twitter at @adammendler. Information about the podcast and more of my work is also available at

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