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Thor: Ragnarok: What does major character’s rumored cameo mean?

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This article contains potential SPOILERS for future Marvel films, so if you do not want to risk having anything spoiled, turn away now!

Ok now that that is out of the way let us get into the latest hot rumor surrounding one of Marvel’s upcoming blockbuster films that will be coming out in 2017, Thor: Ragnarok! This rumor is that another major character that lives within the MCU will be making a special guest appearance to go along with the God of Thunder himself, Thor as well as the big green guy, or as you may know him as, the Hulk. So who is this other major Marvel character you ask? None other than the Sorcerer Supreme himself, Doctor Strange!

This rumor has popped up thanks to photos taken during the filming of the third film in the Thor trilogy showed Chris Hemsworth, who plays the title character, holding a card with an address on it. That address just so happens to be the home address of one Stephen Strange. You can see the photo here.

Now this could turn out to simply be an Easter egg within the film, but this is a rumor I am fully buying into. And that is simply because it makes too much sense. A Doctor Strange appearance in Thor’s next film would provide the connective tissue that the universe needs to draw things the character into the thick of the battle with Thanos. This is because both characters will have a heavy connection to the infinity stones. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

Last time we saw Thor, he was flying off at the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron to learn more about the mysterious stones. So it is a safe bet he has been doing his research and has learned a thing or two from the last time we saw him. And that could very well be what brings him to New York and the doorstep of Stephen Strange.

And that is because Strange very likely possesses one of the two remaining infinity stones that we have yet to find. Everything points to the green gem that is a part of Strange’s cloak being an infinity stone, and we should know this for sure by the time Thor hits theaters. This is because Doctor Strange will hit theaters later this year on November 4, 2016, while Thor: Ragnarok will not be released until November 3, 2017.

So it is entirely possible that Thor’s trip to New York is to learn more about this particular stone, and also to see if its holder is worthy or not. The film is described as being a sort of buddy road trip between Thor and Hulk, so could the two go on a mission to find all of the infinity stones? It certainly seems like a possibility given the potential presence of Strange.

Even if all of the stones do not appear in the film, I feel pretty confident we will at least learn more about them and their powers. Strange will have undergone some serious training and research into his stone (assuming it is one), and it is entirely possible he has read up on the others as well. So it would not be out of the question to have him give Thor a crash course on the powerful stones.

This also adds some fuel to the fire that the final stone will also appear in the film, with Heimdall being the leading candidate to be its holder. Maybe it is Doctor Strange who helps Thor realize this fact. Or maybe he helps Thor learn how to harness its power.

There is also the rumor that Thor is in New York in search of Odin. Given Loki is now on the thrown, Odin’s fate is a bit of a mystery. But all signs point to him appearing in the film, meaning he is likely still alive. In which case, it is very likely Loki banished him to another world, with Earth being a real possibility given he knows a secret way to go between the worlds.

But if that is why Thor has come to Earth, what purpose would Strange serve? If Strange is set to appear, I would be shocked if it was not infinity stone related. I could see a scenario where Thor comes to New York in search of Strange for information on the stones, or for the stone itself, and happens to find Odin in the process. But I do not foresee a hunt for Odin being the primary reason for the trip.

So with Thor in possession of Stephen Strange’s address, what role do you see him playing in the film? Will it simply be an Easter egg? Will Thor be hunting him down for his infinity stone? Or will he be seeking information about the stones, and has learned Strange is the man to talk to?

It all remains to be seen but one thing seems to be a good bet, and that is the fact that the infinity stones will play a big part in the third chapter of the Thor franchise.

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