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Three Reasons Athletes Are Always Safe On The Field

If you watch sports on TV, you might think that some of them are quite dangerous.

Particularly, if you take note of some of the incredible injuries that these guys sustain. Yet, if you’re an average follower of a team you’ll know most injured players are back on the field next game. What keeps these guys safe in every sport that we watch and play?


Whether you are racing down a track or hurtling towards the goal, you’re always following rules. These rules aren’t there purely as a matter of fairness. They exist a lot of the time to keep players safe. It’s why you can’t grab someone’s helmet during American Football. It’s also why at certain points during an F1 race, you cannot overtake.

Safety is often the top priority in these sports, even before winning.


You might think that anyone could do what the guys on the sports field are accomplishing. There have certainly been quite a few Hollywood movies about the average underdog.

The reality, however, is that when you reach the professional level of sports you go through a lot of training. You’re required to do this just to get on the field. Even during the game, you’re being told what play to make and how to accomplish it.

Again, this is just as much for safety as it is for tactical advantage.


Created By Technical Foam Services

No matter what sports, you’re playing you will always have some form of protective padding. In an F1 car, there’s foam in the cockpit to protect the driver in a crash. For a boxer, it’s all in the gloves so that each blow is softened. You might think these guys are exposing the bodies to serious injuries.

However, as you can see from the infographic below, that isn’t the case.


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