Once you have made up your mind to shed your excess weight, finding a suitable weight loss plan is vital.

Unfortunately, it is the first hurdle that often puts paid to the sternest of resolves. You are confronted with a bewildering assortment of exercises, weight loss diets and recipes, and even drugs that promise to shed flab with no effort. This leaves people confused about how to achieve weight loss that’s enduring without any adverse fallout on their health.

Some top recommendations:

Try High-Intensity Exercise Instead of Walking: Even though the Surgeon General of the United States and other health experts encourage people to start walking at least 10,000 steps daily to maintain good health, as an exercise it has limited potential for reducing weight.

Even though walking is very good for getting fresh air and loosening your limbs, the low-intensity doesn’t increase the metabolic rate sufficiently for fat loss to happen. Instead, you should consider high-intensity workouts like sprinting, cycling, swimming, etc. that have been proven to be more effective for weight loss.

Take Up Weightlifting: Even though weightlifting is commonly understood to be a technique for building muscle mass, studies show that a 70-minute resistance training workout burns the same calories as a 50-minute run at 70% intensity.

Then, of course, there are the other benefits like stronger muscles, ligaments, and bones that accrue. Including weightlifting in your fitness regimen can only help you to lose weight. For building mass faster, you can refer to the best legal steroids reviewed regularly in fitness magazines.

Increase the Duration of Your Workouts: Sure, exercising longer for faster weight loss is common sense; however, this is now backed up by scientific research. The World Health Organization recommends that your workouts should be for at least 60 minutes for effective weight loss, while a University of Minnesota study reveals that the pace of weight loss can be boosted by as much as 40% by simply doubling the time you spend on working out. This is not to say that the conventional 30-minute session is of no use; exercising more is simply more effective in burning more fat.

Exercise under Professional Guidance: While we take help from professionals in virtually everything right from car mechanics to plumbers, electricians, doctors, etc. we often approach our fitness goals all by ourselves. It is always better to train under the guidance of an expert so that you know you are performing exercises that are relevant to weight loss and are also doing them correctly so that the results are optimum and you don’t run the risk of injury. Discussing your weight loss objectives with your personal trainer on Day One will help you to get the right start as well as the required tweaks to your schedule later that will get you to your goal.

Conclusion: It is extremely important that you exercise in an environment that is supportive so that you remain motivated to reach your weight loss objective. The reason why most people fail to lose weight is that they drop out earlier.

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