Every construction site will have to deal with the challenge of dust control. Dust is not only harmful to the health of the people at the construction site but could also lead to water pollution. For any company that is engaging in a construction project, there should be a strategy to manage the dust. Dust control will include all the measures taken to manage dust from polluting the air and water bodies. There are a couple of strategies, and additional hints, that are used to control dust at a construction site and we’re going to highlight some of them for you.


This is the most used solution because it is inexpensive and effective at the same time. For a construction site, water should be implemented at least three times a day depending on the scope of the project. It is crucial to be aware of the water that is applied, as too much of it could lead to challenges with soil erosion. A water tank can be driven in the targeted areas to prevent dust from becoming airborne.

Mulch and Vegetation

This is a recommended solution for long-term construction projects. It is effective because it will protect the exposed soil from wind and water erosion. One of the challenges with this solution is watering the vegetation on a regular basis. There is also a possibility of erosion problems if the water is not applied correctly. If applied correctly, this solution could reduce wind erosion by as much as 80%. Not a lot of companies will have the patience to wait for the mulch and vegetation to grow.


This is a technique that uses exposed soils and chisel type plows. The tillage is supposed to start on the windward side of the site. It should be noted that tillage will only be applicable to flat areas. The roughening of the soil could reduce erosion by up to 80%. The process should leave at least six inches of furrows.


Polymer dust control will only be effective in areas that don’t experience vehicle traffic. The initial polymers will have to be watered first before they’re applied. It can be a good solution for Mining dust control for areas that are not reachable with vehicles. This method works by bonding the soil particles together. When the soil dries, it forms a crust. It is a cost-effective solution for controlling dust at a construction site. This solution could reduce erosion by up to 90% if it is implemented in the right way.


The purpose of chlorides is to retain moisture for a little bit longer to help with the dust and erosion problems. Chloride has unique components that aid in holding the dust. It comes highly recommended for unpaved road surfaces.

Sweep Equipment

This solution is usually applied on paved roads and highways. The equipment can also be used to clean dust and debris from roadways and paved ways. Although not as effective as the methods we’ve mentioned, it can still be used as a tool for dust control.


A fence or a barrier can control blow off soil and current. Most of the fences are usually constructed using wood. Perennial grass could also be used as a barrier. Barriers work by preventing obstructing wind near the ground so that the soil is not being blown around. The effectiveness of the barriers will depend on the implementation. That is why it is recommended that you look for experts to help with the implementation of barriers.


Stone can be a good deterrent for dust control on roads or entrances leading to the construction site. They will come in handy for places where vegetation can’t be established. Using stones will not be effective for areas that experience strong wind.

If you’re in charge of a construction project, it is crucial that you’re planning for dust control in advance. The planning should start even before the construction commences. If it is a big project, it is advisable that you let the experts handle the dust control. You might find yourself in trouble with the law because of pollution.

Dust control is an important safety consideration that should be taken seriously. There are technologies that are currently being developed that can help with dust control. Since you’ll be focusing on the construction, you might not have time to do the research. For mining projects, it is recommended that you outsource the dust control part due to the complexities involved.




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