The internet has revolutionized the way information is shared and processed. It has disrupted every industry imaginable and one such industry is marketing. A lot of businesses have been focusing their efforts on digital marketing. Despite the paradigm shift, printing marketing still plays a big role in the success of many local businesses. In this post, we’re going to highlight some of the reasons why print marketing is still important.

Millennials Are Responding Better to Print Marketing

It might be easy to assume that the millennials will be at the forefront of the digital renaissance. This contrary to the studies. Millennials are savvier and digitally connected compared to other generations but there is an issue with a disconnect with technological mediums.

According to research done by Quad, millennials are more likely to respond to print communication compared to email. This could be hard to believe if the data was not there to back up the facts. This has to do with the novelty of getting something physical in the mail, as we’re all currently used to technology. If you want to reach out to millennials, you might want to rethink your marketing strategy because a good number of them prefer the old school way of doing things, as that has become scarce.

Real-World Advantages

The tactile nature of print marketing gives a big advantage in real-world settings. Print marketing is tangible and is something that you can see. This is unlike email and other forms of digital marketing, where you rely on data to make decisions. With corporate flags and Banners, the message will be clear, especially if it is a local event where your company is one of the sponsors. It will be hard for someone to miss the information that you could be trying to pass across. The tactile nature of such a medium stimulates the brain which creates long-lasting impressions in the minds of potential consumers.

Helps Stand Out

Print marketing has the potential of making you stand out and get noticed in a world where attention is everything. Online content will easily go unnoticed because there is too much of it and it can be challenging to keep with what is being produced on an hourly basis. The same can’t be said for print, especially when you’re targeting a particular location with your business. It is easy to circumnavigate the blind spots that have been created by digital media using print marketing. It will ensure that your brand is being seen in a more visible and intimate way. You get to bypass the online noise by addressing the personal aspects of marketing, which is known to be more effective. For direct marketing to work, it shouldn’t scream “junk” mail. It needs to be personal and intimate.

Higher Trust Value

The reason why word of mouth is still the most effective form of marketing is because of the trust element. You’re likely to call a particular business to inquire about a product or a service when you’ve been referred by someone else. The advent of cybercrime is a big concern for a lot of people today. Many people are always skeptical when sharing their financial information online. You’re not sure who will get access to sensitive financial data. This has led to a growing distrust for digital marketing value. There is still a high trust value for print marketing. You’re not required to produce your credit card details to get a free trial. No one will ever ask for details that you might not be too comfortable sharing. With high-quality prints, there is the assurance that you’re working with a reputable brand.

Better Information Retention

The internet has resulted in lower attention spans for users. This is because there is just too much stuff going on and it is hard to keep up with everything. According to research, we use a different part of the brain when reading and consuming information online, compared to the part of the brain that is used for reading physical texts. When you’re looking at print literature, you will be using deep-reading, which is more effective when it comes to retaining information.

There is a Gap

A lot of businesses have stopped investing in print marketing because of digital marketing. This provides an opportunity for your business to take advantage of it. If done right, print marketing has the potential of transforming your business, especially if you’re targeting a particular locality. The fact that it is affordable should be more than enough reason to try it out.



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