We have been around history for the longest of times. We have compared multiple timeframes, sports figures, memories, and many other things. Most of these comparisons are way too far apart to give you an accurate measurement of what you are comparing it too.

This year is different we have the old G.O.A.T. in Tom Brady and the rising star with Patrick Mahomes.

Tom Brady:

Start with Tom Brady he has six rings as he appears in his tenth Super Bowl. From a 6th round draft pick out of Michigan to an all-time NFL great.

We have seen Brady shine multiple times as we witness another accomplishment in the world of the old goat. We have seen multiple successes from his time in New England in the last 20 years.

We questioned if Brady was a system QB of the Belichick and Patriot Way, or if he can accomplish success outside of New England. This year we put that theory to the test and through the first few games it looked like TB12 was too old.

Brady ended up getting better as the year progressed and proved he can get it done elsewhere.

Patrick Mahomes:

Mahomes is the face of the NFL today and we see it all the time. We go from the Patrick Price with State Farm, to the 100% of the time with Head and Shoulders. During his short tenure in the league, he has already been to more Super Bowls than Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, Dan Marino, and others.

This Super Bowl will be the start of the questions if Mahomes can catch Brady.

Tony Romo was asked the question today in our meetings with CBS. Romo mentioned that this Super Bowl is unique as we have somewhat of a measuring stick to compare the tales of two great quarterbacks.

Romo talked about this luxury as we didn’t have that with MJ-LeBron or Tiger vs Jack kind of debate.

This will be one of the biggest storylines you will see. If Brady wins ring No.7 then Patrick won’t be able to catch him with number of titles, however if Mahomes gets ring No.2, we may have a legitimate comparison by the time both of these players are retired to see who the better quarterback is in NFL history.

There have been many historical events that we can’t compare due to time and technology. However, what we see on Super Bowl Sunday will be the rare exception in the history of sports.



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