If there’s one thing that will never stop, it’s innovation. In the plastic surgery world, this is doubly true. Innovation is what makes it possible for doctors to create new ways to improve looks, optimize peoples’ health, and get better results than the day before. Innovation is a doctor’s best friend, if only because of the motivation it offers for professionals to hone their craft.

Innovation also leads to brand-new trends in just about every industry, including plastic surgery. As the newest waves of tech improvements his doctors’ offices around the world, global plastic surgery trends are seeing incredible changes. This isn’t just a US-only phenomenon, either. It’s a global happening.

Now that plastic is hotter than ever, we decided to take a look at the hottest trends around the world. Here’s what everyone should know.

More Inclusion

Only 10 years ago, plastic surgery was something that was assumed to be an “elites-only” type of deal. It was prohibitively expensive, marketed almost exclusively towards women, and also mostly focused on one or two small issues. This is changing, big time.

Though client bases of the past were almost entirely women, plastic surgery now has started to gain a growing set of male clients. Around 15 percent of all plastic surgery procedures are now being done on male patients, and that number is expected to rise.

Natural Is In–And So Is A Light Touch!

Back in the day, plastic surgery was usually expected to be fairly visible. Yes, the era of extra large implants, noticeably obvious rhinoplasty, and high-end facelifts was longstanding. However, it’s starting to vanish in favor of subtle tweaks.

“The new school of thought is that you shouldn’t have to completely change your look,” says New York City based Facial Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Phillip Miller. “Subtle is absolutely king, and from what I’ve seen with my USA and international patients it’s a global trend.”

Prevention Is Popular

With aging, it’s clear that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. However, old school anti-aging methods like diet and sunscreen only go so far. A little surgical intervention has been proven to help reduce the signs of aging.

One of the most striking new trends in plastic surgery is the now-worldwide trend of using cosmetic procedures as a preventative measure rather than a fix. Surgeons are now helping people combat fine lines and other signs of aging through fillers, botox and laser intervention.

Non-Invasive Procedures Are Popping Up Everywhere

The days of highly invasive surgeries are starting to fade away. As doctors create better alternatives, people are starting to avoid going under the knife in favor of dermal fillers and similar injectables.

Rhinoplasty, in particular, has seen a renaissance thanks to the use of dermal fillers. By using dermal fillers to add volume to problem areas, doctors are able to bypass the need for scalpels and other invasive products.

Niche Is Now

Back in the day, plastic procedures were all about doing vast, sweeping changes to your face. Most major surgeries have stayed popular, but they haven’t seen a larger increase. Globally speaking, the newest trend is to focus in on small, little niche features that are annoying but not necessarily terrible.

Smaller procedures, such as eyelid surgery or earlobe surgery, are now seeing a steady increase. After all, we’re living in the New Age of Niche Upgrades—and that means easier cosmetic surgery than ever before.

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