How you look determines how you feel about yourself. Appreciating your appearance helps improve your confidence and create a sense of fulfillment in your life. Age is among the factors that affect your natural beauty, which may negatively affect your quality of life. Plastic surgery procedures help you transform your look into your desired goal. Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute specializes in providing safe and effective plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments to restore and enhance your natural beauty. The Mayfield Heights cosmetics surgeon uses the latest and most advanced techniques to produce the best results possible. Call or book online to schedule your appointment.

The highly qualified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Leedy offers high-quality and certified cosmetic, reconstructive and plastic surgery procedures to help everyone achieve their desired looks. Located in Mayfield Heights, Ohio, the practice provides comprehensive and convenient cosmetic services to men and women from the surrounding areas. Dr. Leedy focuses on cosmetic treatments to transform your body, face, and breast. Visit their office today to restore and replenish your natural-looking results.

What are cosmetics?

Cosmetics are products used to refresh or change your face or body appearance. It consists of a mixture of chemical ingredients or natural sources that helps complement your natural appearance.

Cosmetics serves various purposes on your skin, including cleaning, protection, exfoliation, and preservation.

Cosmetics may be in the form of physical products or a treatment procedure.

What are the different types of cosmetics available?

Cosmetics range from make-up products, skincare products to cosmetic procedures to enhance and improve your beauty. They offer quality cosmetic treatments at Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute, including Botox and Fillers, to enhance your appearance.


It is an injectable cosmetic that helps minimize wrinkles and fine lines on your face. Botulinum toxin is the main ingredient that provides a temporary reduction of wrinkles and lines. It is safe and effective and the most common cosmetic treatment used around the world.

Botox works by stopping the muscle movements that create lines and wrinkles. Dr. Leedy administers several Botox injections on targeted areas gently and comfortably. During the treatment, he applies a numbing cream to prevent any discomfort.

Botox has immediately noticeable results that may last up to four months. However, you may require repeated treatments for maximum benefits.

Who is the right candidate for cosmetic treatments?

Everyone can benefit from cosmetic treatments. If you are not proud of how you look, you might consider a cosmetic treatment to improve your look and restore your confidence. Patients unhappy with their aging effects may also use cosmetics to enhance their natural appearance.

What to consider before getting a cosmetic treatment?

It is essential to receive your cosmetics from a qualified medical professional. Hence it is advisable to ensure your medical provider is certified cosmetic personnel. It is also significant to review products and understand their functions and side effects. Besides cosmetics, effectiveness and safety is also an area to consider before going for it. Dr. Leedy also asks about your desired goals to identify the treatment that will work best.

In conclusion, Dr. Leedy is a board-certified cosmetic surgeon committed to providing effective treatments to restore and rejuvenate your body and appearance. If you are looking to improve your physique, visit Cleveland Plastic Surgery Institute today for safe and effective treatments.

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