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TrackMyFone Review: The Parental Control App To Monitor Generation Z

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Kids that have been born in the early 2000’s have basically grown up with “smart” technology. We call these kids Generation Z.

They’ve never known a world without iPhones, or devices without WiFi. Therefore, the way they use their smartphones and tablets is infinitely different to how their parents use their smartphones and tablets. In this situation, a digital gap may emerge that makes it difficult for parents to properly monitor their kids.

This is where TrackMyFone comes in. It is the parental control app that has been especially designed to watch over the devices for today, making parent’s lives easier.

Let’s break it down to see how it works.

Buying and Installation

To buy TrackMyFone, you will have to go to the app’s website and purchase it from there. Once you buy the application, you will receive a couple of emails containing your Activation Code, your Account details and their Installation Guides.

To install the app, you will have to get hold of your child’s device and enter the download URL that has been emailed to you in the Installation Guide. Start the download and open the installer. Enter your Activation Code and finish setting up TrackMyFone in their devices.

Now, everything that is on this device will be uploaded onto the online Dashboard, which you can access from any other separate computer, laptop or phone. Simple enter account details and you’re good to go.

Features and Workings

TrackMyFone offers a number of monitoring features, all of which you’d find in Generation Z devices. Take a look at some of their offerings:
• WhatsApp Monitoring
• Line Monitoring
• Skype Monitoring
• Facebook Monitoring
• Kik Monitoring
• GPS Tracking
• Geo-fencing

This means that parents can not only view what is contained inside their child’s phone, but they can also track their actual, physical location.

The best part about TrackMyFone is that it works remotely. This means that you can keep a check on your child no matter where you are, using any available device—as long as you have your log in details.

Price and Packages

TrackMyFone has got three major packages:
Basic Package
This package contains all offerings except IM chats monitoring. Prices start from $8.32 per month, but you can also buy a 3-month and a 12-month package.
Premium Package
This package contains all the offerings that are available for TrackMyFone, including IM chats, so this is the more complete monitoring experience. Prices for this start from $12.49 and vary across the subscription you chose: 3-month or 12-month.
iPhone No-Jailbreak Package

This package is for those users that want a parental control for their iPhones without having to Jailbreak it. It also starts from $8.32 a month and is available in 3-month and 12-month subscriptions.

Final Word

Generation Z has grown up with smartphones, therefore they are prone to using all sorts of apps. Normal parental controls do not provide the facility to watch over these apps. But TrackMyFone comes forward as the optimal parental control app that is suitable for parents and children in 2015.

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