A family road-trip is always a great idea. Sometimes you haven’t seen one another in a while and what better way to bond, reconnect and make new memories than over an adventure-filled trip across state lines?

Since there is a lot of catching up to do, the best way to take this road trip is to be in the same vehicle. Oh, what fun you will have! You scroll through your phone and you read up a few AVR van rental reviews, a couple of bad ones, but mostly good so you know it is a great idea to get one.

Now that you have an idea on the mode of transport that will fit your large group, it is time to plan the other aspects of your trip.

Here are a few tips for a family road trip in the USA.

1. Pack many snacks

Healthy snacks, “forbidden” treats, water, juice boxes, grains, crackers, cookies, fruit, protein bars, hard-boiled eggs, anything you can think of pack it. Pack more than you think you will need especially if it will not spoil. Snacks keep the kids busy, and they are less likely to be grumpy if they are not hungry. Keep the snacks in a place that is accessible so that you do not have to make unnecessary stops to get snacks from the trunk every time someone says they are hungry which can be every 30 minutes.

2. Take one car

Splitting the family in separate cars can seem like a great idea because then there is more space, you can people who cannot seem to get along apart among other advantages but one disadvantage to this is that all the people who can drive are constantly driving. Therefore, you can’t take turns to rest. An AVR rental is always a good idea.

3. Maximize your breaks

Let the adults stretch and the kids play some games whenever you can get a break. When planning out your trip, mark points on the map where you can stop for a break and make the most of it.

4. Plan your entertainment in advance

Think of games both the older and younger kids can enjoy. Download some audiobooks that you can all listen to and get lost in a world of fantasy. Make a playlist with everyone’s favorite songs and have a mini-concert in your van. Not only will these create great memories, but also they will keep the boredom at bay.

5. Plan your trip wisely

Using your device navigation map, estimate when you will be where and when. This will save you some disasters like being stuck in a downtown traffic jam with a screaming toddler or 6-year old that needs to urgently use the bathroom.

Road trips are a great way to have fun and bond with the family. After a couple of them, you will know what works best for you and your group or family and what to do better the next time. Have fun traveling.

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