London is one of the most popular European destinations to visit. It has a rich and diverse culture that marries the historic with the innovative to create an atmosphere that appeals to all. Whether you are a seasoned traveler or not, planning any vacation can be stressful, but planning a vacation overseas can take you out of your comfort zone even further. Read on for some tips for planning a great trip to London.

1. When to go

There is never a bad time of year to visit London. The British summer is officially from June through to August, but the weather is agreeable from May to September. You will find that there are frequent rain showers whenever you go, so be prepared and pack a raincoat.

If you want a real treat, Christmas in London is magical, and the city is decorated with Christmas lights from late November until January, and the Christmas lights of Oxford Street and the Christmas carols in St Paul’s Cathedral are legendary.

2. Flights

There are over 50 flights a day to London from the major American cities; however, do be aware that there are several London airports, so plan your accommodation accordingly. Heathrow and Gatwick airports have regular and reliable underground and overground trains that can take you into London without the need for a taxi.

Tip: Buy an Oyster card. An Oyster card is a travel pass which will give you cheaper travel rates on public transport.

3. What to pack

As well as a raincoat, it is advisable to pack layers of clothing. The weather, while not extreme, is changeable and you may be surprised to experience all seasons in one day. A pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes are a must as you will cover some miles on the tourist trail.

You will also need to take a plug adaptor with you, the sockets in the UK are three-pinned and have 240 volts power supply, so some devices may need a transformer. Always check that your device is compatible before plugging in.

4. Accommodation

There is no escaping the fact that staying in central London is expensive, but the public transport makes staying in less expensive locations a cheaper and highly accessible alternative. After a day of sight-seeing, you will be grateful to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to a more relaxed environment. So, before you reserve your accommodation, double check that it is near a station.

5. Attractions

There is something for everyone in London: from the pristine galleries that house world-renowned masterpieces, the palaces and castles, through to the pubs and clubs of the West End. It’s a good idea to prioritize the attractions that you want to visit but do allow for free time too. You need time to relax. For instance, if you are traveling alone, Bubbles Escorts can offer London escorts for you to take out to dinner. There is a wealth of fine dining experiences to be had, but it is wise to reserve a table in advance at the more popular eateries.

However long you have in London, you will leave feeling that it just wasn’t quite long enough. There are so many fun and interesting things to do in this city, that there will always be something else that you want to do.

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