Sophisticated travelers often want a retreat where they can relax, a harbor where they can unwind and a nice place to escape their busy lives. Distinguished hotels understand this and they ensure to provide a variety of luxurious packages to pamper the sophisticated clients

The leading ten magnificent spa resorts

1. The Waldorf Astoria Spa, Boca Raton Resort

Found in Florida (America), this place provides more than fifty thousand square feet of an amazing building, complex mosaics, superb ranches and amazing surroundings. With more than forty-four wellness lodges and a wide variety of services, the place and its ten thousand square feet pool and amazing gardens give the best retreat. There is a wide range of wraps, facials, scrubs and messages. Signature services such as Ritual Bath are also offered.

2. Iridium spa, St Regis Resort

Located within Mauritius, this place combines glittering chandeliers, incredible construction and perfectly crafted private lodges. Its lodges also have warm metallic accents and blazing park sights which come each day when the sun appears above the paradise island.

This place provides several services modified to fulfil various desires. Healthy foods such as sushi, Japanese stew and sashimi which offer energizing nourishment are also offered.

3. Peninsula hotel

Situated within New York, the place provides the ideal destination for relaxation. The treatment offered is incredible. Among the services which are provided is a well-known facial by Biologique Recherche (a French lavish skincare line). This place has a great group of ten wellness spaces encompassing a big reserved chamber, female and male special lounges, nails treatment chamber, changing space and an Asian drinks room.

4. Tschuggen Bergoase

This place is situated in Switzerland. The people who constructed it used glass nails, Canadian maple, white granite and merging bridges to produce an outstanding place which combines perfectly with the surrounding.

This place encompasses outdoor and indoor pool, big resting space with four sun terraces, sauna place with separate women’s sauna, twelve wellness lodges and a chill-out space. There is also a mountain sauna which has snow terrace, steam lodge, bathing area and bio sauna.

5. Luna y Mar

Located in Mexico, this spa has ten treatment rooms. There is also a lovely lovers’ chamber and some large reserved suites that feature a fill and drain bathing tub and pool.

This place additionally provides aquatic water treatment service and sound treatment meant to adapt one’s body for the best calmness. Also, within this spa, there are reserved rooms for females and men, distinct damp places with steam, maelstrom, sauna and nice lodge.

6. Four seasons

Located in Thailand, this place gives a wonderful balance of beauty, body and mind rejuvenation. The treatment used relies on past wellness practices, holistic and herbal treatments. Each treatment room is found in 5 salas (enclosed balconies) and each of them has 2 indoor and 2 outdoor rain showers. A different treatments sala for waxing, facials and various activities is also available.

7. Six Senses

Found in Zighy Bay (Oman), this place provides incredible body and mind therapy. There are creative and past holistic services from exceptional experts. Apart from traditional therapies like Thai rubbing and acupressure and stretching approaches which bring calmness, this place provides local services motivated by age-old Omani customs using herbs, plants and other elements originating from that region.

8. Banyan Tree Mayakoba

Found in Mexico, the place gives Asian services which feature customary Asian regulations for body treatment and massages. The place brought “the rainforest”, a hydrothermal experience which unites the top European spa and hydrothermal service with the Asian treatment ideology essence. This makes it the best place for warmth, relief and calmness.

The specialists at this place undergo the best training in Indonesia, China and Thailand making sure that the service which clients get is second to none.

9. ESPA, One and Only Reethi Rah

One and Only together with ESPA produce a lavish place where stress gets released with a tender ebb and a flow of the ocean. Clients have access to therapists who are well trained in current techniques and past treatment philosophies. There are nice treatment villas located below a thatched roof and they have amazing views and offer the best room for personalized, holistic wellness activities. There are facilities such as saunas, a juice room, crystal steam lodges, relaxing pavilions and others.

10. Como Shambhala Resort

This place offers a fully concentrated 360 degrees service. The services offered include massages and customary purification event where clients go deep into the sacred water of the famous Tirta Empul temple. Afterwards, a priest concludes the cleansing ceremony by praying and blessing the internal temple.


Those are the leading lavish spa retreats in the globe where one will get well-trained therapists and a variety of luxuries.

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