Mobile phones play an important part in our day to day life and we do store lot of our personal and official data in our mobile phones. Hence, it is extremely important to safeguard our mobile phones with extreme caution to avoid exposing your data to others. If you are looking to sell your iPhone or exchange your old Phone with a new model, then it is important you erase all data in your iPhone before selling.

Even though there is a simple and easy method of erasing all your data in your iPhone with Factory Reset option, do you know that those data can be easily recovered by mobile mechanics? Yes, even if you simply delete all your content or go for the factory reset option, the data will not be visible for the normal person, but technically it still exists in some part of the phone’s memory. So using some data recovery software, all the deleted data can be easily recovered.

SafeWiper For iOS – Permanently Deletes Your iPhone Data

This is where you need to seek the help of professional data removal software, SafeWiper For iOS that can help in deleting your data permanently. Even using high-end data recovery software won’t restore your data, as SafeWiper For iOS will remove the data from your iPhone completely so data recovery is not possible at all.

It will remove all your data including your contacts, messages, pictures, videos, game cache, keyboard cache, apps and everything in your phone. After using the SafeWiper For iOS on an iPhone, the other person using the phone will be using like a new phone where he need to start installing everything from scratch.

How to Delete Data on your iPhone using SafeWiper for iOS

Step 1: Install SafeWiper for iOS

First,download SafeWiper For iOS.Once you downloaded, double click to start installing the software. Just follow the steps to complete the installation. Launch the software after installation is completed

Step 2: Connect Your IPhone to your system

Now connect your iPhone to your computer using an USB cable. The software will automatically detect your iPhone. And the software offers you with various delete option including:

· Express Cleanup

· Erase Private Data

· Erase Deleted Files

· Erase All Data

So if you want to make sure that all deleted data is permanently removed from your iPhone before selling it to somebody, then select “Erase Deleted Files

Step 3: Preview & Choose the Data You need to Delete

Once you select “Erase Deleted Files” the software will scan your iPhone for all deleted files and will provide you with a list of all the deleted files. If you want to delete all the files, then select all the files or select only the files you need to be removed

Step 4: Permanently Delete all Data from your iPhone

And if there are more files to be deleted, then it could take some time. So ensure that your iPhone contains enough power to withstand till all data are deleted. Now click “Erase Now” to permanently remove all data from your iPhone.



Unless you remove all your data permanently, you may be unknowingly providing all your personal information to someone. So whenever you are selling or exchanging your old phone, make sure to use some permanent data removal software like SafeWiper for PC to delete all files permanently from your iPhone.

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