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Trayvon Martin : Thanks To Inept Prosecution, George Zimmerman Is Free

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SANFORD – Thanks to a six-women jury and lackluster prosecution, 29-year-old former Sanford neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman would be acquitted of second-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. 

Zimmerman, who would kill Martin last February, helped spark a national conversation and debate over racial profiling, self-defense, vigilantism and gun control due to Florida’s “Stand Your Ground” self-defense law, which allows a person to legally defend himself, if he feels his own life is in imminent and mortal danger.

Before the death of Martin, Zimmerman spotted Martin walking from a Sanford convenient store carrying a bag of Skittles, called 911, ignored the police dispatchers and after an alleged physical altercation, shot the unarmed teenager in self-defense.

While many—including myself—will never know what really happened that fateful evening, the over-sensationalism from the overt bias of the liberal media in trying to spin this into a racial issue is both disgusting and very disturbing at the same time.

As both a husband and father to a bi-racial daughter, the Zimmerman acquittal stings on a deep and personal level, as Zimmerman had no business, nor any right to randomly select to “follow” Martin, and thanks to his not-too-shocking not guilty verdict, along with a truly inept prosecution team in the same state that let Casey Anthony walk, I hate to say that I’m not too surprised.

This is the same state that helped coin the term “hanging chad”, after all right?

Depending on where you are on either the racial or political spectrum, Zimmerman is either public enemy #1 or a hero/martyr in the pro-gun/self-defense advocates for successfully standing up to the élite liberal media establishment.

If you take the race card out of it, and just look at the facts, one can see—from an unbias and objective—point of view that the prosecution’s case was flawed from the beginning, whereas the defense was able to successfully show reasonable doubt.

In a court of law, as in other things in life, if you cannot successfully prove facts, you will never win. Period.

During the 14-day trial/media circus that would come to grip our undivided and less than united country, there would 200 exhibits of evidence, three 911 calls and 56 total witnesses called to the stand.

Zimmerman was looking at the stark possibility of first-degree murder, which is punishable by death, second-degree murder, which would have been life in prison, or manslaughter(voluntary or un-voluntary) would have also meant life in prison.

One of the many reasons that may have led to Zimmerman’s acquittal was the initial charge of second-degree murder which is defined as, “a killing carried out with hatred, ill will or spite, but is not premeditated,” per USA Today  The prosecution failed to convince the jury of Zimmerman’s intention to commit an act of murder.

As I stated above, unless you can successfully state and prove your case, than you will not win, as in the court of law, the burden of proof is on the accuser—not the defense.

Thanks to their lack of proof, testimony given and lack of quality evidence, Zimmerman is a free man whether you like it or not, and depending on your own personal stance, Zimmerman is a victim of media bias and sensationalism or that Martin is another innocent victim of Florida’s “injustice system”

Zimmerman’s acquittal will undoubtedly revive and re-open old racial wounds of injustice within the African-American community as Martin’s death is the Rodney King of the social media generation, and shows that racial profiling is unfortunately alive and well.

The aftermath of this case will most likely spark old tensions among all ethnic and racial groups and even politically, as other states will look to add their own versions of Florida’s controversial self-defense law.

Personally, and for the record, I am not a fan of the verdict, all we can do now is try to heal ourselves and move on, the only question that remains is if and when that will ever happen.

#PrayForTrayvon #ZimmermanTrial #HangingChad

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  1. great article. definitely agree. if the prosecution provided facts rather than making the whole trial a publicity stunt for their firm, they would have stood a much better chance at the manslaughter charge.

  2. I agree Rob, Zimmermann should have gotten some form of prison time, I do not believe for a moment it was a racial thing, I never believe the mainstream media at all. Mr. Martin felt threatened buy what ever happened in the encounter, that’s why he started beating on Mr. Zimmermann. Mr. Martin was shot not because of his race, but because Mr. Zimmermann had no way out.

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