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Trevor Siemian: Denver Broncos’ best QB option

In 2015 the Denver Broncos drafted a young QB out of Northwestern University. He was drafted more with the intentions of being a long-term back up. His name is Trevor Siemian. He is the only QB on the Broncos roster that has experience in the Gary Kubiak system. With the retirement of Payton Manning and Brock Osweiler leaving for the Houston Texans in free agency, Siemian could be in line to become the starter. Should the Broncos start the young QB? Why not! He could be their best option.

I know the Broncos drafted QB Paxton Lynch in the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft. However, he is not ready to be a starting QB in the NFL. He still has some things to learn. He certainly can make all the throws and has a big arm, but the little nuances he still has to learn. He will eventually become the starter. That may be later on 2016 or even 2017.

Trevor Siemian knows the system. He spent the entire season in it in 2015. He was even the number 2 for the 7 games that Osweiler was the starter. If you are concerned about turnovers, cuz he is young, then you should also be concerned with probable starter Mark Sanchez. Sanchez has the tendency to turn the ball over and he is a veteran. At least if Siemian turns it over it would be because he is growing.

There is a downside to starting Trevor Siemian. That downside is Lynch. If Siemian goes out and performs well are the Broncos going to want to put Lynch in the lineup in 2017? Could Siemian play well enough that a QB needy team wants him to come aboard and be their QB? This is both a downer and an upper for Denver. They would lose a good player but possibly gain in the future.

Trevor Siemian is in serious contention to be the starting QB in 2016. He has a strong-arm, he is intelligent, and the biggest thing is he knows the offense. If he performs well in the preseason I would not see any reason for Head Coach Gary Kubiak to give this kid some serious consideration as the starter. It would not hurt. The franchise did not give up anything big for Mark Sanchez.

The Broncos are set for youth at one of the most important positions in football. With an outstanding defense, a run first head coach, and outstanding weapons youth can thrive. If I was Kubiak I would give serious consideration at starting Trevor Siemian. I think he is the best option in Denver.

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