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UFC 168 : Anderson Silva Suffers Horrific Leg Injury, Loses By TKO To Chris Weidman

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(Image courtesy of MMAJunkie.com)
(Image courtesy of MMAJunkie.com)

In what may have been his last fight in a UFC octagon, Anderson Silva would suffer a horrific shin injury against Chris Weidman in their much-anticipated rematch in UFC 168.

Weidman, whom defeated Silva in July to take the UFC middleweight belt from Silva in UFC 162, performed a shin check on an attempted kick by Silva, which caused both shins to collide and Silva’s leg to snap in half.  Silva would fall to the mat in pain and submit to Weidman for a TKO.

The main event of a two-fight card that would see Rhonda Rousey win via armbar submission over Miesha Tate in the third round.

(WARNING : the video is very graphic, view discretion is advised)

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