Frank Mir ended a four-fight losing streak with a brutal first round knockout of Antonio Bigfoot Silva last night at the UFC Fight Night held in Brazil.

Mir was in the midst of the worst stretch of his career and several people in the national media and around the MMA game were talking about a possible retirement for him if he could get past Silva. Silva is also entangled in the middle of horrible career downward spiral. He has lost six times by knockout in his last ten fights, all coming in the first round.

Silva careers as a headliner is done, however Mir is now right back in Main Event talk if he can lure UFC legend Brock Lesnar out of retirement. Mir lost his second UFC World Heavyweight Title at the hands of Brock Lesnar back in July of 2009 at UFC 100. Mir had won their first fight in February of 2008, and was quite vocal about his desire for a rubber match with Lesnar is he does leave WWE as rumored this April.

Mir is still entrenched in the worst stretch of his career, but last nights victory, his first since 2011 kept the dim flicker of hope alive. The ultimate decision will come down to Dana White and the UFC, who will base judgment strictly on fan interest.

The two fighters do not like each other so I can see it happening if White does agree to book it.

Until next time fight fans, No Blood : No Foul

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