Manufacturing industry is huge around the globe, and over the years sheet metal stamping has changed the way industries functioned in the past. With the efficiency and ease of sheet metal stamping today, industries such as automotive, aerospace, defense, industrial engineering, etc. can deliver on a mammoth scale. But how exactly does the metal stamping process work? Here are some of the details about the overall process to help you understand more about it.

What is Metal Stamping?

In simple words, it is the process to convert the sheet metal into a desired shape or form. The process is sophisticated and there are several steps involved such as bending, blanking, punching, piercing, etc. As the manufacturing industry evolves around the globe, there is a constant need of steady supply for sheet metal stamping, and manufacturers having a global outreach are a preferred option.

Metal Stamping Die

One of the first things involved in the process is to design a metal stamping die. This process requires a lot of creativity, latest software, and an experienced team. The team carefully looks at the requirements and ensures that the sheet is optimally used. Toolroom is where all the magic happens and from here the stamping dies are sent to the press. Usually, having in-house toolroom works as an advantage because it saves a lot of time and hassle. After the designing and several quality control measures, the dies are then fixed on the press.

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Metal Stamping Press

Depending upon the type of metal and requirement of a project, the press machines are used. There are different types of press machines available such as hydraulic, mechanical and mechanical servo. The capacity and capabilities vary accordingly. However, what makes a difference in most cases is a good combination of the latest press machines as well as a team of experienced workers. The machine used will vary based on the project and manufacturers are in the best position to recommend which press machine is apt to see a project through.

Die Stamping Process

There are several stamping processes that come into play. Progressive die stamping, transfer die stamping, fine blanking, etc. are some of the processes that manufacturers use. Progressive stamping is a methodology wherein there is a sequence of stamping stations being used for longer runs of metal stamping. The dies are designed to last for a long time without being damaged. In the progressive stamping process, the results are faster especially when working with a long term project.

Efficient Delivery Module

One of the major drawbacks of many manufacturers is the delivery issues. Most manufacturers miss out on the importance of an efficient deliver module and this has a huge impact on the customers. It is important to implement an efficient delivery module so that the completed sheet metal stamping parts can be delivered to the clients safely and on time. Many reputed metal stamping manufacturers use latest software to ensure that there is no delay in delivery.

Meticulous Quality Control

In sheet metal stamping, even a seemingly small problem can be a major one for the clients. So there is no easy way out in the quality control department. Meticulous quality control standards need to be implemented and followed across the different departments from designing to delivery of completed parts. This will not only ensure efficient results but also result in less scrap because the defect is identified in earlier stages. Experienced manufacturing companies understand the importance of quality control and never compromise in this section.

Your Sheet Metal Stamping Partner

If you are looking for a sheet metal stamping partner with global outreach then Eigen can help you with your requirements. Eigen has a state of the art metal stamping facilities and an experienced staff that goes through regular training to keep up with the constantly evolving stamping technology. Let the experts know of your requirements and they will ensure that the project is handled in the most efficient manner. Eigen is ISO and AS certified and maintains an international standard catering to clients from across the globe.


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