Drug testing has become commonplace in many companies – both for existing and prospective staff – and is something that a lot of us need to worry about! Even light users of marijuana can be caught out – after thinking they have done all they can to mask their habit – so it pays greatly to know just how best to pass a marijuana test.

Now, before we go on, there are many detox kits on the market; some of these work, and some most certainly do not. Some will tell you, for example, that they provide an instant result. This is not possible, and we will tell you why shortly. Quite simply, if you are looking for detox kits and find one that promises you this, forget it: we can guarantee it will not work.

We’re going to tell you about what you need to do in order to pass a marijuana drug test – and why that is – but we also strongly recommend you read our article in conjunction with the authoritative one at https://the420times.com/best-thc-detox-kit-for-marijuana/ which is as comprehensive as it gets. Simply follow that link for the best advice and information you will find anywhere.

Now, let’s talk about why instant kits are bogus, and how you should approach a drug test.

Preparing for a Drug Test

It is so that most employers will advise you of an impending test, giving you a chance to get ready and make sure you can pass. This means, of course, that you will have to give up smoking weed for the duration – but it’s just a temporary thing!

The test that you are subjected to could be one of many types, but all will look for signs of a substance known as THC. This is one of many active compounds found in the cannabis plant known as cannabinoids. There are more than 100, but THC is the one that drugs tests look for as it is the element that provides the ‘high’ that we all look for when smoking a joint.

THC has a habit of ingraining itself into the body; it remains in the body’s fatty tissue within the cells. In long-term smokers this is a problem as it has pretty much set up home there. For those who are new to smoking weed, it’s easier to evict from the body.

A good detox kit will include a number of ‘pre-rid pills’ which need to be taken as instructed, plus a detox liquid and dietary fibres. These three sets of ingredients help to rid the body of THC, but as we have said, they don’t do it in an instant.

You will find various courses on offer: usually, a 5-day course will be sufficient for a light smoker of newcomer who has only had a few joints over time, while regular smokers will need a 10-day course. You must follow the instructions to the letter for the results to be seen.

What Else Can You Do?

Alongside the detox kit there is plenty more you can do to help get rid of traces of THC, such as the following:

– Stop smoking marijuana immediately. This is essential, although as we know very well, not always easy. Try and keep yourself occupied, or meditate, for the period involved, and you might find it easier.

– Drink plenty water, as this will help you urinate, which is how you eject THC from the body.

– Take plenty of active exercise; even the slightest physical activity will help the process.

If you choose the right detox kit – do read the page we linked to – you will be able to prepare for the upcoming drugs test, and pass.

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