When people need to have multiple teeth extraction due to old age or untimely damage, the gaps between the teeth and gum line can only be filled with the false dentures that are designed and created by the experienced dentists. These false teeth can be easily removed from the mouth and cleaned whenever required. There are three varieties of false dental sets that are created as per the requirements of the patients, or the amounts of blank spaces that need to be filled on their jaws. Usually, the exact type of denture is suggested by the dentist according to the numbers of teeth to be replaced and the budget of the concerned patient.

Three Varieties of Dentures that are Commonly Used by Dentists

  1. Partial Denture: When only a few extracted teeth need to be replaced, the exact number of false teeth are attached to a plastic base of pinkish colour that exactly looks like the original gum line. In some cases, the partial dentures may be attached together with a metal frame to keep the false teeth in their perfect positions. But unlike the bridges or implants, the partial denture can be removed from the mouth as desired just by opening the clutches used to attach to the adjacent teeth or porcelain crowns.
  2. Immediate Full Denture: If all the teeth are extracted from the gum, the dentist may prefer to insert a denture immediately to fill up the gaps of the mouth cavity. Usually, the dentist measures the whole dental space on the jaws of his patient during the previous session so that he can prepare a fine model of the denture to be used immediately after the completion of teeth extraction. Thus, the patient does not need to go on a liquid diet without having any tooth as he can easily eat anything with this full denture, though may not be very comfortable like the original denture. But this immediate full denture mostly becomes loosely fitted after a few months, when the wounds created by tooth extraction are dried up and the jaw bones gradually change their shapes without any embedded tooth.
  3. Conventional Full Denture: The conventional or the usual full denture is provided only after a few months of the teeth extraction when the wounds of the gums and related tissues are completely healed. Generally, this time gap is given for enabling the creation of permanent denture that can be used comfortably for lifelong.

A Few Useful Tips for Taking the Best Care of the Dentures

It is essential to take good care of the false dentures to ensure the longevity of these dental structures. There are some fruitful actions that can make a denture last for many years to come.

  • The denture should be cleaned thoroughly with a brush having soft bristles and water, to remove all the food particles that may remain stuck in between the false teeth. Thus, the staining on the denture is prevented by this habit of regular cleaning.
  • A denture should be handled with utmost care to avoid dropping the denture on the hard floor or metal sink, where the breakable denture may be damaged.
  • The denture should be well soaked in fresh water during the night, as the user should not sleep with the denture fitted over the jaws. But hot water should never be used for soaking a false denture, to prevent misshaping of this plastic or fibre structure.
  • The mouth cavity, tongue and the jaws should be well cleaned to remove all plaques, before putting on the clean denture into the mouth every morning.

But in case of facing any problem with the denture, it is best to seek the help of a dentist and get the best suggestion for the wellbeing of the denture.

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