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Warriors Do Not Need Kevin Durant or Dirk Nowitzki

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If you can’t beat, join em.

That’s the approach the Golden State Warriors seem to be taking this offseason. With their epic collapse against the Cleveland Cavaliers still fresh in their minds and all over social media the rumor whispers are getting louder about a new destination for two superstars.

Word is the Warriors are interested in signing either Kevin Durant or Dirk Nowitzki to team with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to form a Big 4 in hopes of stopping LeBron come next June. Yes, if this were to happen it’s almost a guarantee that there will be a rematch for the 3rd straight season but if the Warriors are looking for a revenge win then not signing these two would be the way to go.

Here is why.

In 2014 the Warriors defeated a Kyrie Irving/ Kevin Love-less Cavs team in 6 games, 6 games mind you. This season the Cavs were healthy and the Warriors ran out to a 3-1 lead but when Andrew Bogut went down so did their title chances. While Dirk and Durant will provide offense what the Warriors need is a rim protector and enforcer down low.

Green is out of position at the PF spot, while he has games where he can get you 10+ rebounds imagine the damage he could do if he was left to play offense and defense on the perimeter where his game is best suited. In Game 7 there was no defensive presence on the blocks for the Warriors as they were either forced to play small ball or put their title hopes on the fragile shoulders of Festus Ezeli.

With Ezeli in the game the Cavs went into attack mode and with them switching to small ball it only got worse.

The Warriors are thinking that Dirk or Durant will solve their defensive issues in the post. OK, keep dreaming. They will add the same skill-set that Curry and Thompson brings– another perimeter player, but how many All Defensive teams have you seen those guys names attached to?

If the Warriors are serious about another title then the person they must throw their money at is Bismack Biyombo.

He may not be the Manhattan skyline name that teams craves in FA but he is the name that will get them another Larry O’Brien.

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