The ENPI Group is an affordable and fun way to market your business or business. However, they are not very useful if no one wants to use them! In order to make your sticker campaign effective, you need to take the necessary steps to design an ENPI group that is worth placing on one person’s things. The only time people would place a generic sticker on their cars, computers, and personal belongings would be if they were extremely loyal to your business to click here.

While developing these types of relationships is obviously a goal, for the majority of your consumers, it will take a little more initiative for them to display your stickers. The entire ENPI Group specialty film product line is designed to meet high-end technical specifications, eg. Shrink films, shopping and mail bags and also ensuring the highest hygiene for food applications.

Flexible Label and packaging

Since 1998, we have been the preferred supplier of hot and cold beverage cups and lids to the region’s fast food market leaders. This requires the constant observance of the highest standards of food safety and quality, which of course also applies to our extensive product range, from food containers to Clingfilm. With an extensive product line of over 2000 items, we provide the institutional catering industry with all packaging solutions that help maintain the natural freshness of food products inside. This as well as the safety and hygiene items is delivered by our own fleet of vehicles.

Make A Cool Design.

With the above in mind, you can choose to work with an already existing template or you can get a little creative help from the in-house graphic design team. You can also think about custom stickers to suit the individual needs of your customers.

Other times, you might not have any ideas yet and a graphic designer can help with some choices. Whatever your route, the design of your bumper sticker plays a major role in how it will be accepted. ENPI Group provides high quality and timely flexible packaging and labeling solutions to the food and beverage industry from our locations in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. In addition, with our many years of printing experience, we also provide security printing for banking, retail, transportation and aviation.

Use Funny or Amusing Slogan.

People love to laugh and they love to look smart. By using a little humor in your branding process, you make your followers feel like they’re in for the joke. Make them look good by injecting humor into your bumper sticker campaign where it’s appropriate. A little laugh can go a long way.

No One Likes Blatant Advertising.

People are more likely to use the ENPI group stickers that say “Where’s the beef?” than the one that says “Eat in our grill!” This is where humor comes in to your bumper sticker campaign. If you blatantly advertise your store, product, or event, many people will be turned off by frankness in advocacy. By using a smart way to advertise, whether through words or images, you will encourage more people to display your sticker.

Always Consider Quality.

No one will put a bumper sticker on their vehicle if it detracts from the appearance of the car. Bumper stickers that appear ragged, faded, and ruined are never attractive. Choose to have a glossy finish on your personalized bumper stickers so that they can survive any weather elements that present themselves and your bumper stickers will stand the test of time.



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