seductive places to lick

Licking and kissing are a good way of showing affection, which is kind of sexual. It is good for couples to experience such kind of intimacy and is a great starter for foreplay. You can lick a woman in certain places to get her excited or even get her to orgasm with other ministrations. There is no one single way to pleasure a woman. If you want to become a skilled lover you will have to try your tricks and see how the woman responds. Because each woman is different and variety can make it better, you need to try and see what works. But a man must understand that a woman has multiple sensitive areas and she can be aroused by touching, kissing or licking those areas. To make it easy, here is a list of five seductive places to lick a woman, so as to excite her.


The collarbone is one of the sexiest parts of a woman’s body and is shown off often. It is quite an intimate place on the body, especially if the woman is dressed. The collarbone is often exposed and if you kiss and lick a woman there, it acts as a sexy reminder of what you can do to her other parts of her body. The location is so close to the breasts which is a sex organ and licking to a close place near an erogenous body part can definitely turn her on.


The ears are quite sensitive to touch and they have quite a few nerve endings. If touched in the right manner it can elicit a sensual reaction in the woman you want to pleasure. Licking on it with gentle nibbles on the outer c-part of the ear can make the woman get it on. If this action is also combined with penetrative sex or a sexual embrace then a woman will definitely feel good.


The position when a man stands behind a woman and is hugging her, then he can lick her on the neck. The neck is a downplayed but sexy part of a woman’s body. Doing this there can make a woman feel sexy and precious at the same time. The nape and back of the neck are very sensitive. Try with a light touch and a gentle kiss, if your woman likes it or shivers then you know you can lick her there to turn her on.


Kissing of a woman’s hands has long been used as an act to show appreciation or affection towards a woman. It is also through this that a man can make his intentions known to a woman. And licking a woman’s hand lightly while kissing them will her that you want more. She will love this action and then you can lead her on to other sensuous acts of naughty love.

Inner thighs

The inner thighs are the closest to a sex organ on the woman’s body. Licking this part is sexually exciting because she knows you are so, so close to her clit and pussy. This thought should be enough to excite her. And if it doesn’t then she will definitely get wild once you lick the inner thigh.

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