We associate waist training with body-conscious celebrities and a perfect hourglass body that breaks internet now and then. But waist training has come a long way from uncomfortable corsets and cinchers.

Now you will find more advanced waist training gear in the market. This new age gear focuses not just on the aesthetic but also the athletic aspects of waist training.

Focusing on the latter, today we will discover how waist training can help sportswomen improve their athletic performance.

Back Support and Posture: Your posture plays a vital role in your athletic performance. The right posture can prevent injuries during sports and during a workout. Waist trainers exclusively designed for athletic performance provide the right amount of back support to help you maintain the right posture throughout the game. High-quality trainers provide support without limiting your flexibility.

These trainers can be useful for women who are into sports that require a lot of core movement. Tennis and badminton players, for instance, can improve their performance and reduce the risk of injury during the game. Same goes for volleyball and softball players.

Speaking of posture, wearing a waist trainer allows you to keep your back straight even when you are exhausted during the game. It can help sportswomen avoid that dreadful slouch we often witness when the players are too tired.

Core Muscle Activation: Core muscle strength is important for athletes in general. It won’t be wrong to say that our core is from where we draw most of our power during a workout or sports performance. While there are several core muscle exercises, the best way to strengthen it is to keep it engaged as much as possible.

Activating your core muscles and engaging it in most activities can lower the burden we put on our spine. When you use muscles for movement, the chances of spinal injuries are drastically lowered. You feel more flexible with your movement.

Sports grade waist trainers are designed to be worn during strenuous activities that shift the burden from core to spine. These trainers keep the core muscle activated so that your movements are mostly centered on muscles. It is why many sportswomen wear these trainers even during their day-to-day activities. This way they train their core to do the job without involving the spine.

Appetite and Craving Control: Sportswomen and athletes are supposed to follow a very strict dietary regimen. They need to be in their best form and health all the time. It is why they can’t even imagine enjoying the cheat meals like pizza or chocolate chip cookies.

At the same time, sportswomen have to particular about their portion size. Since they follow a strict nutritious diet loaded with proteins and carbs, overindulgence can easily throw them off the charts. And to stay healthy, they need to be very careful about their portions.

Waist trainers work as appetite suppressants when it seems impossible to control cravings. Slightly tighter on the waist, these belts or corsets can effectively keep a person from eating more than they should.

So, by offering more control over how much and when they eat, waist trainers can help sports women stay devoted to their diet plans.

A Word of Caution: Now, it may seem like waist trainers are the best thing ever invented for women in sport but be mindful of one thing: not all waist trainers are the same. Similarly, there are lots of waist training myths floating around which need to be busted. The corsets used by women in the eighteenth century and the corsets worn by the K-clan are different from the waist trainers worn by sportswomen. Excessively tight corsets made from the uncomfortable material can end up doing more harm than good. It can cause severe discomfort and allergies.

Two things that you should look for when buying sports grade waist trainers is the size and the material. Unlike corsets, waist trainers should not be excessively tight. It should be a comfortable fit so that it doesn’t hinder your blood flow. Experts believe that if you are confused between two sizes, always go for the bigger one.

As for material, latex is the most commonly used material for waist trainers, but it can cause severe allergies if worn for too long. Since athletes sweat more, a trainer made from hypoallergenic and breathable material makes for the most suitable choice.

The Final Word: With the right waist trainer, you can definitely enhance your strength and improve your sports performance. Just make sure you are choosing a product that can fulfill all criteria for quality and comfort. Your sports grade waist trainer might be expensive than a typical corset, but the benefits will make it worth the splurge.

Author’s Bio: Judy Robinson is a passionate health and lifestyle blogger. She loves to write on women’s healthy lifestyle, fitness 101 and DIY related topics. Follow @judyrobinson for more updates.

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