Benefits And Drawbacks Of Paper Bags

Like many other industries, the food industry is also using paper bags for packing foods. Paper food service bags are better than plastic and other food bags. No doubt, there are benefits of other bags as well. Moreover, paper bags also come in different sizes and capacities. So, shall you use paper bags for your food business or look for its alternatives? 

Depending on what you are going to pack and whether you are running a restaurant, grocery store or take-out business, or choosing bentgo kids australia, you have to choose a bag of the right capacity and strength so that it can hold the content safely. 

What Are The Different Types Of Paper Bags?

There is a wide variety of paper bags available to food and other industries. Sometimes, this makes it hard to choose the right food service bag, especially when you are not aware of paper bags terminology.

White Vs Brown Paper Bags 

Paper bags come in two colors including white and brown. Brown paper bags are more popular than white packaging bags. White bags are ideal for highlighting the name, logo or other identities of a business. Though white bags offer a cleaner appearance, color hardly matters. Just make sure that the bag does not fail. Choose a bag with thick construction as it can resist rips and tears.

The Right Food Service Bags For Your Business

If you are running a restaurant, you can use shopping bags or lunch bags with handles. For a grocery store, you can use heavy weight paper grocery sacks and bags. If yours is a liquor store, use wine, liquor and beer bags. Merchandiser bags are perfect for bookstores or boutiques. For cafes and cookie shops, you can use resealable cookies and coffee bags.

Paper Bag Terminology 

Following are the most important terms and descriptors for paper bags: 

Paper Basis Weight 

Basis weight is the thickness of the paper used for making a paper bag. For a bag with more basis weight, more paper is required. A standard duty paper bag has a basis weight for 39 to 49 lbs. The basis weight of a heavy duty paper bag is 50 lbs and up. 


It is a fold on the bottom or the sides of the bag. This allows you to increase the capacity of your bag. 

Flat Bottom Design 

Some paper bags come with a flat bottom design. A paper bag of this type is easy to load.   

Pinch Bottom Design 

A paper bag with a pinch bottom design has a sealed pointed bottom. A bag of this type works well for carrying calendars, candy and cards. 

Pros And Cons Of Paper Bags 

If you are considering alternatives as well, you should learn about the pros and cons of paper bags. 


  • These bags are 100% recyclable, reusable and biodegradable. 
  • Depending on the construction and bottom design, many paper bags can easily hold more weight or pressure than many plastic bags. 
  • They hardly present any suffocation risks to kids or animals. 


  • Paper bags are not waterproof like plastic bags. 
  • They are more expensive than plastic bags. 
  • Paper bags are heavier than plastic bags and also take up more space. 

Just like the pros and cons of these bags, you should also learn about pros and cons of plastic bags and other alternatives. You will get enough knowledge required to choose the right bags for your business. The classic look and feel of paper bags make them a great choice for a grocery store, catering company, school, restaurant or deli. While paper bags cannot protect the content from water and chemicals, they are the most eco-friendly choice.


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