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benefits of yoga for women
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What are the benefits of yoga for women?

Yoga has more common over the past few years and it has seen increasing interest from women especially. Yoga focuses on the body as well as the mind and doesn’t require extensive body stress like some of the exercises do. That being said there are variations in yoga itself, some requiring less physical stress than the others. 

Knowing the different types of yoga and their benefits. 

Yoga like Vinyasa yoga is the more athletic yoga style requiring good stamina and increases heart rate by quite a bit. Other yoga, like health yoga, is an umbrella term attributing almost all yoga styles in the West. Most of these are grounded in physical practices. 

Some other branches of yoga refer to karma, kriya, and raja which are different from the physical-based ones. Iyengar yoga focuses on precise movements and controlling of breath mostly while performing different poses. Kundalini yoga focuses equally on the physical and spiritual aspects of the body. Ashtanga yoga is like soft yoga where people follow their own pace and Vinyasa yoga is the hardcore mode of yoga practice as I mentioned earlier. Other kinds of yoga are Bikram yoga, Prenatal yoga, Restorative yoga, etc. Being comfortable while doing yoga is highly stressed because yoga needs the focus of the mind and the body. That’s why wearing the right clothes become important as restrictive clothes prevent you from being comfortable while doing many of the stretches. Designed yoga wear for women comes out as a good solution because it gives you a good option of design and choice so you can use the yoga clothes for more than just exercising or doing yoga. 

Different variations of yoga come with their own sets of benefits and Yoga seems to be more popular towards women for several reasons. Here we list some of the benefits of yoga for women.

Increases Strength 

One of the areas where there’s an obvious difference between men and women is the upper body strength where men seem to exceed on. In general, men have higher bone density and that helps them in the strength department. That being said you can easily increase your body strength through exercise and yoga. Studies have shown women who regularly do yoga have increased upper body strength.

Improves Bone Health 

Wight based exercises increase bone density and bone strength it’s well known at this point but even in yoga many poses that you require to do and hold for a long time utilizes your own weight that you have to lift and hold for quite a while. These poses help you strengthen your bones in the arm and the legs. Yoga can also promote calcium in the bones because yoga has a tendency to lower cortisol in the body. People who have vulnerability to osteoporosis can definitely benefit from regular yoga sessions. 

Improves Spine Health

In this day and age, we tend to look down a lot especially because of our mobile phones. It’s bad for the spine for obvious reasons allowing it to bend over time and disrupting the natural posture of the spine and causing various back pain and neck pain issues. Yoga emphasizes correct posture and breathing which both relate to improving the health of the spine and body posture. It strengthens the spine’s natural position. Women especially when they are pregnant require to have good spinal strength as they have to carry around the extra weight in their mid-body and it exposes them to many basic injuries and that’s why improving spinal health for women becomes very important.  

Improves Core Strength

It doesn’t refer to only the abdominal muscles which are only a part of the core body strength. Your back muscles and pelvic muscles are also important parts of your core body strength as well as the diaphragm. There’s a balance that requires to be maintained for a healthy body function. A better core strength also means better spinal and abdominal health. Yoga helps you to develop and improve the core strength of the body by engaging specific muscles while doing various poses. Increasing flexibility and mobility also helps with the overall body balance to maintain healthy body functions. 

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